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Practical Tips For A Good Website

Dec 23, 2007
Online businesses abounds the World Wide Web these days. Some who are very successful easily realize 6 figure profits while other are just managing to barely exist. One would wonder what could have caused this situation. Success of an online business could be attributed to the business acumen of the owner. But it is undeniable that other factors could have caused these circumstances.

The website design could be one of these factors. A carefully designed website is essential to the success of an online business. It should be able to give a lasting favorable impression to the visitor. "First impression is lasting" may be a cliché but it is undeniable that websites that have made an impression would cause customers to revisit. Every time these visitors would need products or information, they would return to the website time and again.

So what then should a webmaster do to be able to build the ideal website? First and foremost is to look for website creation programs. This is most useful for novice webmasters as this would make the creation of the website easier and faster. The use of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) would facilitate the building of a website since it is considered as the building block for all website structures.

The content of the website is an equally important factor that would entice customers to stay. A well-put website text would give the impression of being professional. To achieve this, you must ensure that the website is "airy" -meaning there's a lot of white spaces in between text for easy reading. Proper page layout should also be considered. The width of the text column should be proportionate to the body text. Remember that wider columns are harder to read. Along with the right font size, the proper page layout, the correct grammar used will contribute to the professional look of a website.

The inclusion of the About Us page is important for the growth of an online business. The About Us page would give information about the company, the year and place of establishment; the growth as well as the base of operation. The Contact Us page is where you give your email address so that customers will be able to contact you whenever they want your service or they would want some points to be clarified. The Contact Us page will also serve as a suggestion box where you get to know the feedback of the customers about your online business.

Site navigation is another vital factor to the creation of a good website. To entice visitors to stay, they should be afforded with easy navigation tools. Placing relevant links to your website will be useful to the readers who are searching for information.

All these practical tips to make a good website are useless if the customers or readers will not be enticed to stay because the page is slow loading. Most website owners are taking this factor for granted. They have made attractive and colorful websites with all the graphics, banners and animations not knowing that this could cause a browser to crash or for the page to load slowly. In this instance creating the best website will be futile as this would defeat the purpose of attracting visitors.
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