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Construction Management Schools- A Key to Excellent Opportunities in the Industry

Dec 23, 2007
If you are a detail-oriented person with good people skills and wish to work within an exceptional agenda each day, then a construction management school is just the right place for you. Today construction management is turning into one of the many occupations in the United States, which has outstanding employment opportunities. These opportunities are said to rocket until 2014, as numerous employment openings that have been projected will surpass the supposed number of qualified individuals who wish to join the construction management job force.

This is predicted to go on even with the ever-growing number of construction management colleges and schools. Just like every other workforce, people entering the construction job arena are expected to have a strong background experience within the relevant stream of the construction industry. Increasing number of management colleges and schools are now offering four-year courses in construction engineering, construction management and construction science. The syllabus of these courses aspire to build on the student skills in the construction field.

Given below are some of the on-job-duties edified to all the students

Manage, develop and track changes construction schedules and project plans.

Drafting commercial and/or basic residential drawings using computer-aided drafting and personal drawing skills.

Employee accurate construction graphics and relevant concepts.

Applying effective project management, standard supervisor practices, and sound record keeping principles for managing various construction projects.

Supervising the selection, employment and management of specialty trade contractors and construction employees.

Analyzing data needed for construction site planning or planning for the integration of electrical systems, structural designs, and mechanical systems on the given construction projects.

Obtaining licenses and permits.

Supervising the delivery and use of equipment, material, and tools.

Ensuring construction project is completed within budget and period.

Maintaining compliance with fire and building codes.

Some construction management colleges and schools provide post-graduate degree courses in this stream. Students with master's degrees have superb career opportunities. They are usually employed in large construction companies. People with unrelated degrees in construction management seek out better opportunities by opting for programs with these universities and schools. On the other hand, there are some individuals working as construction managers, who work towards obtaining a master's degree in business finance or administration to enhance their careers further. Many universities and schools in United States also offer two-year programs in this stream.

Many construction management companies do not follow the certification policy for employing new managers; all they ask for is sufficient experience in the relevant field. However, many construction company owners believe certification in construction management gives evidence of the person's experience and capability as well as a better career opportunity in the construction field. The Construction Management Association of America and the American Institute of Constructors have developed voluntary certification programs. The standard requirements for the certification include verification of education from the construction management schools and universities, professional construction industry experience and written examinations.

After acquiring a certification or degree from a school, you would be offered numerous career options. Even if you are considering a career change or aim to make your career in the construction industry more commendable, a construction management school would provide you with the guidance and education.
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