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Developing a Down Line for Your Distributorship

Dec 23, 2007
More and more people are turning to wellness and health product distributorships for a second income or supplemental income. With the changes in the corporate world, more entrepreneurs have seen that to secure their futures and retirement that a secondary income is beneficial to have. As a result, more people are becoming distributors for health and wellness products and doing quite well with the new home business.

One way that distributors often make a passive income from their new home business is with referrals. Many companies that use a distributor will pay you a percentage of sales that people in your referral down line sold that month. For example, if you have five people you referred to the program and they sell $1,000 worth of products you might receive a $50 commission from the sales. The amount of money that you receive from the referrals depends on the company that you are a distributor for and their policies. Some companies reward with points that can be redeemed for gift cards or other types of promotion incentive rewards. It varies company to company.

Regardless of the type of reward that is offered to a distributor, having a good down line can significantly increase the amount of sales and potential income from your new home business. It is important for a distributor to develop a strong down line as part of their business. The key is to spend time each day that you work on your business to building your down line. Just as you would spend time promoting your new Web store, talking to others and getting the word out about your products, it is also important to spend time finding people that will join your affiliation under you as a referral.

One way to get referrals is to start with your family members and friends. Often, they will sign up under you to be nice. Some of these people will actually take the time to sell and distribute products once they see how lucrative a new home business can be for them. Many times family and friends do not realize how much money can be made from being a distributor or how many distributors are wanted. After they sign up under you and join your down line they learn more about the business and become more enthusiastic and make sales. This in turn becomes a passive income for you from the commission of your referrals.

Another place to start is with a small ad in your local paper. Many people want to start a new home business but are leery to begin a new business that requires an investment of money. Your ad should state that to be a distributor there is no starting investment required except time and enthusiasm. Instead of just placing a web site address, have people meet you for lunch and go over the products, business and how to be a distributor. Place the ad as distributor wanted and you will be pleasantly surprised how many people will respond since there is no money required to join your down line. You can even help train them on how to distribute so that they will be successful. Their success will help you succeed in your new home business as well.
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