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Using Private Label Rights Products To Build Your Mailing List

Aug 17, 2007
Looking for ways to build your mailing list? Have you tried PLR products?

Private label rights, or what we know as PLR, are liberties you could exercise over products designated as such so that you could modify them anyway you want. You could even name yourself as the author thereof. What's best about PLR products is the master resale rights that are usually attached to them. This means that, if the license so allows, you could resell the said products in whatever way you could think of. And you could even distribute them for free.

What does this mean for your list building campaign? You could offer these PLR products as freebies to encourage your visitors to sign up to your mailing list. The results can be astonishing. Who would refuse something free, right?

1. Common Considerations In Using PLR Products To Build Your Mailing List

The point of this strategy is to use PLR articles to lure visitors into subscribing to your mailing list. But such a tactic doesn't always work. The success of this technique is dependent on some factors. What are these factors?

Try to put yourself in the shoes of your visitors and you'll immediately realize that we're talking about:

* The quality of the product. Regardless of how simple it is to combine 10 or so PLR articles into one eBook which you could market as something new, it would all be for naught if such an eBook contains pieces which are poorly written. The same goes for software programs that are poorly executed. Or website templates that are poorly designed. You need PLR products that are of outstandingly high value.

* The value of the product. Your freebie or freebies should impart something worth the time of your would-be subscribers. If you present them with junk or hackneyed information, you'd just be ruining your campaign, or worse, you'll just be ruining your business' brand.

* The exclusivity of the product. How rare is it? Will they be able to get the same elsewhere? If you're the only business who's offering the said product, for free at least, then your visitors would have no recourse but to subscribe to your mailing list so that they'd receive the same.

* The need for the product. Even if your freebie is of high quality and it imparts valuable information, your visitors may remain uninterested because they don't need the same. Hence, your product should target a specific need, better yet, a need that is unceasing.

It's a matter of creating an irresistible offer, if I may use the phrase made popular by Mark Joyner. If you give your visitors an offer that is difficult to refuse in exchange for their subscription, how would they be able to say no?

And if your PLR products comply with the elements we have enumerated above, then you could safely say that you have an irresistible offer.

2. How To Get PLR Products For Your List Building Campaign

PLR products abound these days. More and more internet marketers are realizing that creating products and selling their rights can actually be just as profitable as marketing their own products. This has led to the preponderance of information product creators who are devoted to product creation. They sell what they create so that they could move on to create more products.

Finding PLR products would be easy. Finding the right one for your needs is a different story altogether. To get the best PLR products, try to run your choices in this gauntlet of requirements:

* How many copies will be distributed? Do not settle for a PLR product that would be distributed to more than 50 parties.

* How long has the product been in the market? Do not get products towards the end of their shelf life.

* How relevant is the subject of the product to your business? Naturally, you'd choose something you could market.

Only upon complying with these requisites can you say that you have a blockbuster of a PLR product that could potentially explode your list to countless subscribers.
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