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How to Find People Who Like MLM

Dec 23, 2007
So you bought into the dream. Who doesn't want to make more money working from home? It's almost a question that doesn't need to be asked.

Most likely, "they" didn't tell you that your solution lies in a business model called MLM. All you wanted was more money for your family, and more time to spend with them. You weren't too sure what ways that it could be accomplished. You thought you found something, but it turned out to be more than you bargained for.

MLM or now more commonly known as network marketing, kind of lends itself to a lot of people failing. It's not the business model per se, but the way it's marketed and marketed to. I'm sure you've realized that recruiting friends and family hasn't been as easy as you thought. And purchasing leads and cold calling them doesn't return results fast enough to make a profit-unless you can quickly get good enough to recruit from them.

Now you've been at this awhile and have not had the success that you had hoped for (lots of rejection calling leads, friends and family wants nothing to do with you); you begin to wonder how in the heck do you find people who like MLM?

Most importantly, how do you find people who can do it successfully? Most people who join a network marketing company don't have the experience or training to have success with it.

The best way to build a network marketing business is by finding people who are open to the idea and have taken some sort of action to learn more about it. These are the people worth pursuing and spending your advertising dollars on. You don't want to keep trying to convince people of the value of multi-level marketing;

The people who have already bought into this business model in the first place are your best prospects. This doesn't mean that you go out and try to recruit people from other companies. That's not too ethical. But you can sell the few things that those in network marketing need most.

By selling these items upfront, you'll get retail profits that you can put back into your marketing budget. These same people who have bought from you are more open to join you in your business if they are looking for a new opportunity to call home. People don't necessarily join companies, they join people whom they think can lead them to success.

By leading with a retail product, you can make money upfront to put back into your advertising; it doesn't matter whether the person who bought from you joins your business or not, because you've already made money on them by selling them what they need most.

This system will also helps your newbies stay in longer, because they will go into profit faster than if they're just leading with the business opportunity.

If finding people who like MLM is challenging to you, think about finding people who've already bought into this lucrative business model and lead with a retail product that can fund your business and educate them at the same time. This is the best way to find people for your opportunity.
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