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Understanding and Harnessing Expired Domain Names

Dec 23, 2007
When it comes to making money from a website for your business, the key to your success is not just in having traffic and visitors, but having targeted traffic. That term targeted traffic is one that you will hear often, and there are many misconceptions about it, but what it really means is simply finding people that are interested in what you are providing.

If you own a manufacturing business, the guy who is scouring the web looking for gambling information is not going to be very interested. As it turns out, expiring domain names can be a great way to get targeted visitors, readers, and customers to any website you own.

When you register a domain name, you do not own that domain name permanently, but rather you register it for a certain number of years. While the majority of people choose to renew their domain names of a year-to-year basis, it is also possible to register domain names for up to 10 years at a time.

If you want to keep a domain name that you have registered, you are required to pay an annual renewal fee, otherwise you will lose your domain name and it will enter back into the marketplace for anybody else to snatch up. If you are software-savvy, you may be starting to see the huge opportunity for targeted website traffic that is available in this system, but if not then let me explain:

Literally tens of thousands of domain names are registered every day, with thousands of other domain names expiring on that same day. There are many reasons why a person or a company would choose not to renew their domain names, including that they just got sick of it, they were managing too many other projects, or perhaps their domain registrar failed to contact them and they did not know it was expiring.

With most of the domain names that expire every single day, the previous owners used to have a website with that name and they wound up doing some promotional efforts to get traffic and readers to their site. When the domain names expires, however, all of the many links on different web pages that point to that domain are still there and are still getting many clicks every single day.

So here it is cut-and-dried for you if you do not see it already: If I have a website about Weight Loss and I register this domain and spend months doing promotional work, I will have a website with many links pointing to it and hence many visitors on a daily basis (say 50 or more per day). However, my registrar is unable to contact me when it comes time to renew, and so my domain name expires and I no longer own it.
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