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How To Increase The Conversion Rate Of Your Internet Business Site

Dec 23, 2007
Many internet business owners try to drive targeted traffic to their sites but still the end result is bad because the conversion rates are so low. This is a sign of some problems and the business owner must make a list of possible reasons.

The job is clear: there must be a reason for this, just find it! If the starting point is that the traffic is big enough, you have to concentrate on the content of the site, the look, the navigation, the products and the general appeal. The secret is to try to think like a site visitor. Is the visit experience nice? Would you like to come again?

It helps if you can benchmark your internet busines site with other successful sites from the same category. If the successful sites sell the same products and have approximately the same amount of traffic, the reason is most probably in the site design and other emotional things. Now it is better to research some sites and make a list of things, which you see good there. It is useful to remember that small things matter.

Does your internet business site look professional and does it work well when the visitor navigates it? How the visitor moves from one link to another one? Are the links easy to find and do they open quickly? You can also repeat the start and read through your internet business plan to make sure your changes do not change the initial plan too much. The strategy is still the most important thing!

If you have made additions several times over a long period of time, there is a danger that the copy of your internet business site does not flow fluently or the different parts do not fit otherwise together. Maybe there are some old fashioned things, which the visitor does not like.

It is important to make the changes for the sake of themselves, because the conversion rates have been so low. However I see it important that the basic look of the site will stay the same, because your internet business site is a brand and people like changes if they feel them better ones, the improvements.

One small trick could be useful. Use lots of time for this correction work, because the good ideas come when they come, you just cannot order them. You see, the creativity hates hurrying and effectiveness. These things are just enemies. And what brings the best conversion rates to your internet business is the quality of your website.

Because the repeated visitors are the best visitors and the word of mouth is the best advertising, the useful, fresh content is the only long term factor, which raises the conversion rates. That is a real rock and roll!

Another important thing or trick to increase the conversions are the keywords. It is not wise to use too general keywords, because the surfers use them so much. If you try to think like a searcher, who does the search of the internet business, is it so that the more personal keyphrase he will type into the search engine, the more interested he is and the more he has thought the topic.

The key with the internet business keywords is to find the related keywords for your website, the right product keyword match, because you have to use the same keywords in your site pages and on the articles and other ads, which you will run during a long period of time. Also typos and other errors are very effective, because they do not have so heavy competition and because the professional internet business marketers avoid them a little bit.

If you have two alternatives with your internet business: to increase the traffic or to increase the conversion rate, I warmly recommend the latter, because that will concentrate more on the quality, which determines your success in the long term. The finetuning of your internet business site can be time consuming but think about the outcome. What a success and you have done it by yourself, wow!
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