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The Problem With Managers

Dec 23, 2007
I had lost my job through the incompetence of my manager. I was furious with him for losing me this job, it had taken me almost three months with a full search of jobs in the area to find it and now I was going to have to start all over again. I had taken my time in my search for a job originally because I wanted to be close to home, I knew it would be all too easy to fall into something further away but there is nothing like having a job at the end of the road.

Having taken so long to search for this job I was gutted when given my notice. The hardest part to stomach however, was that it was not my fault. My manager had failed to place an order at the right time and so we had ended up short for the weekend. Normally this would not have mattered a great deal but this weekend our area manager was on the prowl. This had put pressure on my manager and had forced him to end up putting the blame upon me.

I would not mind except I knew a great deal more than my manager anyway. I had practically run the place whilst the search for someone willing to take it on was found. He had only been in the business for a month and I had been in my job for almost a year and a half. When he had first arrived he had given me the task of ordering the stock as it had taken him an hour to search for the right folder and for the sake of efficiency he thought to delegate the job to me.

I had done the job on a number of previous occasions so whizzed through the task with ease. At that point I gave him the folder and he said he would ring it through. Unfortunately he had forgotten and missed the order date. Now the weekend would be hell. So the blame was on me, gutted as I was I left with good grace, no shouting match with the manager, I just left with my dignity intact.

Now my search for another job would commence, I thought now that maybe I should spread my net a little farther. A search of the surrounding area only came up with the same old types job, for me to find something challenging I would pursue a job in a major city. No more working under incompetent fools, I would search for a job that meant big bucks and big responsibility.

Conducting a job search nowadays was an uncomplicated affair; it was simply a case of flicking on the computer and trawling through the job websites. Without a legitimate trade it would be a challenge to earn the big bucks I dreamed of but all I needed was a break from an employer. I had worked so hard in my last job, practically ran the place before that fool ruined it for me. To be honest I think this experience would cause me to posses a natural disdain for managers for the rest of my life.

I had proved in my last job that I could handle responsibility, and I knew with what my old manager owed me I could get an amazing reference that would gain me the best of jobs. All I needed was that one chance, a foot in the door and I would be away. It may take me a few months to search for my perfect job but I would find it. I would bounce back from this little setback and start my career the right way.
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