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Can Bloggers Lean From Internet Marketers

Dec 23, 2007
Just thinking about internet marketers can bring a negative connotation and make you not want to trust anyone in that type of industry. A lot of online businesses look down upon these marketers, but do we truly understand why? There are always good strategies that we can learn from all different types of marketers, even these evil internet markerters.

When you get one of those e-mails that has been sent to everyone you know, promising your great success and money, your first response is that it must be some sort of a scam. But they are obviously having success and so they must be doing something right. Before you decide to delete that next e-mail from a stranger, read the e-mail and see what kind of response you get.

If you want to try and learn a thing or two from them, start by signing up for a few of their e-mail list. If you don't know where to start looking for them, just wait a day or two and you will probably see a few in your e-mail inbox. After you start getting a few daily, analyze the wording and phrases that they use. What catches your eye? Which ones keep you interested and wanting to read more? Which ones are not worth the time it took to read? Keep subscribing to the ones that you like or enjoy until you can figure out what it is about them that has you reading more. If you haven't really seemed to find any that catch your eye, just keep looking until you find one that does.

Many of the e-mails you receive will contain useful information. Look at how they have packaged and marketed the information. Is is easy to come by or do you have do a lot of searching to get to the good stuff? If they offer you tips or advice for you business, take it. Test it out and see what happens. Those who are serious about what they are doing and are good at it will be very useful and personal at the same time. They could seriously help you change your business if you really take their advice.

Another reason why internet marketers have success is they try to package their information in a more personable manner. If you have a specific question regarding your own business, they are generally more than happy to answer it or give you some advice regarding the manner. They personalize their information to help you with your specifics. If you feel like you have come to trust a certain internet marketer, decide why feel that way. What do they do to help you like you can trust them? After you figure it out, apply that into your own business tactics and do it.

So now before you delete all those e-mails without ever reading them, take a moment and read through them to see what you can learn to be applied with your own blog or business. Remember that there is always something to be learned from everyone. Sometimes it just take a bit more effort on your part.
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