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How You Can Create A Professional Network Though Email

Dec 23, 2007
Technology changes practically by the minute these days and with these changes also come advances in the business world. There are many new and easy ways to contact someone or get to know them across the globe or just down the street. But with new technology also comes mistakes and issues. But if you are using this technology to your advantage, it can be a great benefit for you.

One tool that is simple and easy and usually overlooked is e-mail. Even though it may seem very simple and basic, e-mail can be a great tool when trying to build your professional network. But before you start sending out mass e-mail messages to the whole world, there are a few important things to remember to help you have success.

When sending out an e-mail, try to make it very personable yet short and sweet. Think of how much spam you get daily. You e-mail needs to stand out for all the other messages that people will see in their inbox. If you make the e-mail personal, people will be more likely to trust you and have a way to get a hold of you when they want to. But at the same time, you don't want to make it too personal or else they may think it is scam. Because what kind of person would put their home telephone number in a mass e-mail?

Think about it from your own perspective. How would you feel if you got an e-mail from someone you didn't know but inviting you to not only trust them, but promising you fame and fortune? If you were smart, you would delete it before finishing reading it. When you send out an e-mail, make it personable without divulging too much. If you are worried about whether or not you are sharing too much personal information, write a draft of an e-mail and have a friend look over it and analyze it for you.

Always be clear and honest about your intentions when sending out an e-mail. If you are strictly looking for a certain type of client, state that. People always respond well to honesty, even in the form of an e-mail. The best thing about being honesty is that it is more believable. When you are straight about your intentions, they will understand and be straight with you. It is a lot easier to relate to someone when they are being honest. Don't feed them full of lies or exaggerations, it will not get you anywhere.

When someone replies to your mail, thank them for their time and efforts sincerely. A little gratitude will go a long way and help you to build strong relationships of trust. Think of the way you would feel if you were put in their shoes.

These are just a few, simple tips but remember that sending our an e-mail doesn't have to be that complicated. A lot of times, you may just have to use the trial and error method until you discover what works best for you.
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