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How to Hire the Best Employees for Your Business

Dec 23, 2007
When you create a business, most likely, you'll need to hire employees. And when you hire employees, you really are taking a chance and placing your idea in the hands of another person. It's easy to see, then, why it is so important to be careful when hiring employees. You only want to hire the best person for the job. But how do you do that? It's a question often posed by business owners and one that is answered in this article.

"All I Need to Do is Look at Credentials."

A common piece of advice given to people in charge of hiring others is that they should look at credentials and base their decision off of that. However, this advice couldn't be more wrong. Simply put, who you hire isn't always best dictated by what they know. You are looking to find the best person for the job and that doesn't always mean they're the person with the most credentials. Yes, it's true that college degrees are an asset, but don't look down on those with a lot of experience who lack a college degree they may be more suited for the job. On the flip side, don't ignore those with little experience, as they may also be a good fit for the job.

So How Do I Tell Who to Hire?

So if it's not completely about credentials, then what is it about? The answer is, who you hire depends on a lot of things. Namely, it'll depend on their personality, their qualifications and their answers to the questions listed below.

Questions to Ask Perspective Employees

The interview process is dreaded by those looking to hire people, but it really isn't that bad of an experience, if you know what questions to ask.

- Why Do You Want this Job? What is it that makes you desire this job? Why did you apply for it? These are great things to ask to gage the enthusiasm of potential employees in regards to the job you're looking to hire them for.

- Do You Have Relevant Experience? It's usually a bad idea to hire someone who has little to no relevant experience to the position you're hiring for, and this is a question that allows you to find out whether or not an interviewee has this experience.

- What are Your Best Qualities? Ahh, the question that deals with a person's best qualities. It's used by dating services and also by perspective employers. The answer to the question reveals a lot about a potential employee. It shows you whether or not their philosophy fits in with what you want for the business.

- How Much Vacation Time Do You Want? If your business is one that is willing to negotiate when it comes to vacation time, you'll definitely want to ask this question. It doesn't seem like the answer to this question is that important, but it can be the difference between peace and harmony and constant disagreements.

- What Do You Expect for Benefits and Salary? This is just like the above question: the answer to it can be a big deal. If you find yourself disagreeing with how much the potential employee wants to be paid and how much benefits they need, that's a good indication it simply won't work out between this individual and the business.

- What Can You Contribute to This Business? Yet another very important question to ask all potential employees you are interviewing is what, exactly, they will contribute to your business. Depending on their answer, this can be the determining factor in whether or not you consider hiring them.
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