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Start A Home Business With Limited Budget

Dec 23, 2007
The dream of working from home fills the thoughts of most of us as we drag through a mundane day at your average job place. The dream of being your own boss, setting your own schedule and earning the pay that you deserve is so enticing. You have skills, hobbies and talents that you could use towards your own business but you only have a limited budget to work with. So what home business opportunities are available to those with limited budgets?

There is a number of works from home opportunities waiting for those of us with little money in the bank. You have to remember the key to not spending a fortune on a business is using your resources at hand wisely. For most of us we have the basic set up for a home office. These items include a computer, a printer and an Internet connection. With these three tools you are more than halfway to several online opportunities. Here are three of home businesses that do not require a large amount of capital.

Customer Service Agent

This home business opportunity requires the above office items as well as an active home phone line and a microphone or headset. You do not have to pay money up front and the training is provided online. You read over the course, take the online exam and submit
the exam online. Once you pass your training course you receive a log in ID and password to your customer care site. Phone calls are forwarded to your home phone number and you are in business. The only cost to you is the electric for the computer, the fee for the Internet connection, the cost of the phone service and a headset which will cost you about $20.00. You do not have to spend in excess to begin a home business.

Freelance Writer

As long as you enjoy writing you have the golden opportunity to become a freelance writer. There are several companies requesting various articles or stories for websites as well as magazines. You may have to pay a small fee to join a writers membership but this is not always the case. You can earn anywhere from $16 to $100 per article. You write when you choose, what you choose. In most cases a publisher supplies a title and writing guidelines for you. You simply research the topic and write the assignment. Mostly you spend time not money, as you make money.

Sales Representative

This job does often require a start up fee that varies between products. For example if you go into business for a company such as Mary Kay or Avon, you have to purchase a starter kit that allows you to begin selling the product. You can spend $200 to $500 depending on the purchase amount. Other companies such as those selling health beverages or nutritional supplements may require you purchase your first months supply of product for $100-$300 dollars. After you sell the product you are reimbursed. Either way the start up money is far more affordable than beginning your own company from scratch, which costs thousands of dollars before you can even begin to sell your product.

These are only three of the home business opportunities available for those who are on a tight budget. Even if you do not have a large amount of capital you can begin your own home business.
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