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Thank You Pages - Prime Real Estate For Your Ads

Dec 24, 2007
One of the biggest challenges new online marketers face is how to get a healthy amount of traffic for their Websites. There are lots of different ways to pull visitors to your site, but it's not always easy to know if an advertising opportunity is worth the money until after you shell out and track your results.

The truth is most paid advertising services on the Web are nothing but gimmicks. That sounds harsh but it's based on lots of real-life experience.

Internet users are bombarded with flashing advertisements every day and I believe the majority of seasoned surfers have become de-sensitized to even the best banner ads and headlines. If you're not careful you could easily throw away hundreds, even thousands of dollars on ads that don't bring you squat.

So the question is... where can an online marketer post his/her ads so that plenty of targeted prospects will see it in the first place and then bother with actually clicking through to the sales page or opt-in form? One of the best places I have found to advertise is on the thank you pages of other Websites in my field.

Consider this...

If you are selling weight loss tips, wouldn't it make loads of sense to get your ads on the thank you page people see right after they sign-up for a diet ezine or purchase a fitness audio? Not only are these people in your target market, they are action takers.

The absolute best kind of prospect to promote to is one who has already said yes to an offer like the one you are presenting. My testing with thank you page ads has produced some amazing conversions and I believe it's because I had the opportunity to place my offer in front of people who were still hot from the purchase they just made!

This type of advertisement is not likely to be cheap, but it is far less risky than many other options. Also there is more legwork involved with thank you page advertising because it is not generally offered to the public; so you have to actively seek other businesses who will sell or rent you this valuable space.

I recommend you keep your eyes open as you register for free offers, sign-up for newsletters, and make purchases within your market. When you find a thank you or confirmation page that is not being used by the merchant to pose a follow-up offer drop them an email and ask if they would like to make some extra cash by letting you place a related ad in that space for the next month.

If they take you up on your request you'll be able to plug your ad into a high traffic area that is seen only by pre-qualified prospects and let's be honest - why waste time with any other kind of prospect if you can avoid it! This has proven to be an extremely rewarding method of promotion for me and I hope you'll give it a shot as well.
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Tim Whiston is a professional Internet marketer who enjoys his work. He has owned numerous Websites and ezines and has created hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits for his clients. Be sure to check out his free Information Marketing Course and Web Marketing Blog for more great content.
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