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Boost Productivity and Customers' Satisfaction with Superior Call Center Software

Aug 17, 2007
Whether the business is credit card collections or customer service for a sales company, good call center software should involve total telephone system management. Systems, whether purchased pre-packaged or developed strictly for that business, should include a number of features to ensure customer satisfaction is key.

Smart call centers make sure all their programs work in tandem to ensure customers are helped quickly and efficiently. Even when calls are transferred from one employee to another, the programs help by making sure that customers' data pops up on the screen for the new employee to peruse and address any concerns or questions. When the programs are chosen carefully, the end result is expedient service, which of course makes customers happy, but also can improve employee morale and productivity.

Let's face it, working in a call center is a very difficult task. Even if most customers are happy to hear from the call center or are happy to call into it, the volume, amount of questions and the inevitable unhappy customer can make the job stressful and tiring. When good software enables employees to work at their peak potential, however, the chances for getting the job done and done right are increased. Even some of the most difficult calls can be turned into positive experiences if employees have the necessary information at their disposal.

For the phone system, software should at the least do the following:

* Enable clients to connect quickly to departments or employees they need.

* If a routing system is required, make sure it's clear and concise and offers clients an ability to reach an operator if necessary.

* Provides a way to handle routine situations quickly and efficiently without having to wait on hold for a person. Bill payments, for example, can be handled in most cases completely by the call in system. If this is the case, offer a feature to store customers' information so repeat calls can go even quicker.

The computer software that works in conjunction with a phone system should enable employees to:

* Quickly look up a customers' information. If possible, have it queued with the caller ID for the telephone number or other identifying mechanism. There are few things more frustrating for a customer to have to do then punch a bunch of numbers into a telephone system to only be asked for them again and again as the call progresses.

* Make sure information is transferred along with the call if the situation warrants passing on up the line. Here it's particularly important for the computer screens to work in conjunction with the phone system. Going through the same story over and over again can turn even the most passive of callers into a growling bear.

Whether a call center's software for telephone management is custom designed or pre-packaged, it should have an emphasis on customer service. Systems that work well and efficiently, enable employees to handle calls quickly and generally to customers' liking. Systems that don't work together can create a nightmare, upset customers and bring down morale.
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