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How To Make Money With Blogs

Dec 24, 2007
Blogs are one of the best income generating opportunities for people who are new to the Internet. It is possible to build a free blog at www.blogger.com or www.wordpress.com and sell affiliate opportunities, or PayPerClick such as Google. However, there is a trick.

There are a few rules to building a good blog that will make the owner a substantial income. This is not a 'my way is good enough' type of venture. Both search engines and human visitors have expectations. But, these are easy to learn and easier to master.


Do you need to be a great writer to make money on a blog? The simple answer is 'No.' In fact, some of the best blogs became famous because they were written as if the blogger was speaking to their audience, not talking over their head, and not trying to impress them with their vast knowledge.

Blog posts shouldn't be more than about 300 words. This is about as long as most people want to read before losing interest. But, they should have a purpose. The blog should either offer information needed to succeed, solve a problem, or make a job easier for the reader. A blog post can be written on almost any topic, but if it meets one of those three criteria, it will be a success.


Stay on topic. This is one of the hardest things to do. By 'staying on topic' that doesn't mean talking about investing. Instead, it means picking one aspect of investing and focus on it.

A current hot topic in the USA is foreclosures. Last year the sub-prime market collapsed bringing 70 US banks down. Now, people want to learn how to find sellers and buy their home at big discounts - using the 'no money' principles employed by all real estate investors.

The first thing might be to buy a program and learn how to do this. One of the hardest things people have to believe in is how easy it is to build wealth. Unfortunately, real estate investing is easy to get into because the big banks don't want to hold onto empty properties. A bank has a hard time selling a property, and they must maintain it and pay the taxes until it sells. That is why they make it easy for investors to buy.

Another hot topic is debt. Almost everyone can teach others how to modify notes, offer guarantees, solve title problems, and restructure in a manner that will eliminate debts and possibly increase profits.

Internet Marketing

Once a blog is created, it must be promoted. The best way to promote it is to submit to blog directories. There are thousands of them, each one a 'verified link' for SEO purposes. Internet marketing is important because it increases the blog's Page Rank. A page rank of zero earns the blogger almost no money. A page rank of 4 earns the blogger about 25% of every Click on a Google ad (depending on the ads and the topic). This is why bloggers are always commenting on other blogs, participating in forums, and writing content for websites - to generate links and increase their Page Rank.

Information is the number one commodity on the Internet. The Internet's ability to cross borders, cultures, and social groups, is opening the market to millions of new 'web surfers' each year. Today you are the new Internet user. Tomorrow, you will be the guru helping someone else - and you will make money doing it.
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Mark Walters is a third generation entrepreneur and author. He offers free training and investing videos designed to speed you towards financial independence at http://www.cashflowinstitute.com/videosignup.htm
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