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Dec 24, 2007
Your whole goal is once you have your system, and we are going to call this your sales system, you have got your opportunity, your product that you are selling, you have got your landing page, and you know what you have to do, you have to market. So that is all you should be doing.

Do your marketing and handle any closings that come in, that is not much to do. So just keep doing it and never look back. That is how you can create a huge momentum in a short period of time. Now, you are probably wondering well if I am doing all these campaigns what about the money. Simple, this does not work well with mlm companies that have down lines that pay you by check every thirty to sixty days unless you have a bunch of money to start with. This only works with programs that give you your own products and pay you immediately, or somebody else's product or affiliate program where you get paid like weekly or something like that, or programs like perfectwealthformula.com where you get paid instantly. It only works like that because you get paid now, you get your advertising dollars back then you can do a whole bunch of advertising initially and never look back.

It does not work with other programs unless you have a lot of money up front. That is another reason why I like this program so much. Some people are different, I will do this for sixty or ninety days and then take a few days break in between there, like every thirty days or so, thirty or forty-five days I will take a few days break, two, three, five days break and just kind of relax. Just get your bearings back, just chill out. If you do not do that you will get overwhelmed, kind of worn out, tired, fatigued, irritated, that will happen if you do not take a little break. Everybody is different, some people need it once a week, some people need it every two weeks, some people every thirty days, some people need it every sixty and some people can even go up to ninety days and not take a break.

What do you do during that break, whatever you love to do, just get away. Some people like the outdoors, fishing, hunting or just any sport that is conducted outside. Do anything that you like to do besides your internet business. Then come back and you are all refreshed ready to rock and roll and crank out some more work. If you do this properly, you will reach a point, depending on what you are marketing, somewhere within ninety days to probably about six to nine months you will reach a point in marketing where you cannot stop it. If you are building a down line, you have a group of people, you have a team, whatever you have got going on, you will not be able to stop the action. Your marketing is done, and it just keeps coming.

In our marketing efforts, not just pay per click, but other peoples' list and things of that sort, and I will give you an example, using other peoples' list with our campaign, we continued to get opt-ins like six months later off one mailing, it cost in the neighborhood of thirty dollars, but literally if you do a list everyday it will add up. You will get so much traffic coming in that you will not be able to stop it. This is why it is so important to test your sales process. You want to tweak your sales process, if you have been with Perfect Wealth Formula since the beginning, you will notice that the sales page has been tweaked a number of times, we are always testing different things to get the best sales rate for us. That is why it is so important with your pay per click ads to initially make two, three, four, five, eight, ten, depends on how we feel that day, and test those ads, throw them in Google and see what they do.

The cool thing is that Google will test them for you and it even has a feature in there where you can, it will even show the best responding ad more than the other ads while you are testing. Your landing page, keep tweaking that. The major thing about landing pages, and we have seen people make this mistake over and over again, is that when you are testing your landing page and let us just say you are getting like twenty clicks you are getting like one opt-in or two opt-ins and you are trying to get it down lower. On your landing page, you need to, when you are changing a few things, do not do any major changes on your landing page, do minor changes, because we have seen people do major changes on their landing pages and they are getting two opt-ins out of every twenty clicks and then all of a sudden they are getting like two opt-ins out of every fifty or seventy-five because of some changes they did.
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