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How to Market Your Mortgage Business And Website Using Articles

Dec 24, 2007
You are reading this article and adding it to your mortgage marketing knowledge because one or more of the following occurred:

1. You were notified via email that it was now available on my website,
2. You have book-marked my website and check for new stuff periodically,
3. You have a friend that sent you the article that thought you might be interested in the subject,
4. You searched Google and entered a few keywords which then found this article automatically,
5. You subscribe to a free mortgage newsletter and this article was reproduced in its entirety,
6. You found this article on a marketing website and this article was in their article archives.
7. You subscribe to a pay-in-advance mortgage newsletter and this article is available,
8. You searched Google using the search term...tom domin articles, and found the article.
9. You found this article on a mortgage forum or blog and it caught your attention.

Pretty powerful results for writing a simple article...isn't it?

That's exactly what can happen when you write articles and publish them to your website. You can even accelerate the process by submitting your finished article to article directories. Search engines absolutely love article directories (content...remember) and readily index them (and you, if you write an article).

And it gets even better...If you write an article about the housing market in you area for example, and then insert your city of business in the article title...the article may appear in the search results when someone is looking to buy a home in your town.

The result...someone thinking of buying a home in your area has found your article...identified you as a Mortgage Professional...and because you now have credibility and thought of as an expert, they contact you for additional information. The real significant part of this is that they found you...you didn't find them and, this alone increases your chances of success with these people.

This approach called "Article Marketing" can make a powerful new addition to your mortgage marketing program. Based on the above list, articles have a much greater reach than advertisements. When you publish your articles you are offering that article to hundreds of potential publishers. If it's well written, not a commercial or offer of some kid, and fits their needs, it's very likely it will be accepted and published.

With the many advantages of article marketing...the best has been saved for last...it's free! Yes, writing articles for your website is free. You don't have to invest in any special software program. You don't have to hire a writer. Just write your article in your word processing program like MS Word or Notepad.

When you're ready to publish your article on the Internet, the only thing you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and a few free article directories.

There is no doubt that article marketing is an excellent addition to your mortgage marketing program. They help increase your web traffic, build credibility, and enhance your authority and expertise. And, last but not least...it's free!
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Tom Domin is the author of "101 Ways to Originate Mortgages" and publisher of "Tom's Mortgage Tips" a twice monthly Mortgage Newsletter geared for Mortgage Professionals. Increase your pipeline and put your mortgage career on the fast track and sign-up for FREE at http://www.MortgageMarketingToolKit.com.
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