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How To Set Up A Niche Web Site In A Day

Dec 24, 2007
Are you looking for ways to set up web sites more easily? Are you tired of slaving over a hot PC? Here are a few tips on how to set up a niche web site in a day:

1. Register A Domain Name.

Pick one that's got the main keyword of the niche you're trying to promote in it. This is great for getting search engine 'love'.

Look for a reputable registrar, not just a cheap one.

2. Use A Popular, Inexpensive Web Host.

Here are a few filtering criteria:

a. Google PageRank of at least 5;
b. Send them an email or two. See how long it takes to get a reply;
c. They should have a forum (another indication of popularity and customer support);
d. Lots of features offered (MySQL databases, Cpanel, Fantastico);
e. Recent positive mentions in webmaster forums;
f. Offers Linux servers (Windows costs more, and offers less).

Cost per month can be as low as $10, and still have all the features above.

3. Install A Blogging Software.

Wordpress can be installed in minutes from the Fantastico section of Cpanel. It allows an amateur to put their thoughts on the internet easily. You should get a search engine optimised theme for it; this will make Google index it properly. Such softwares are often free; you needn't pay for them.

4. Put Keywords In The Text And Page Titles.

This is a simple way to get hits from search engines. Your pages should be obviously about the product you're trying to promote. Avoid overdoing this; it should look and read naturally to a human.

5. Put At Least 500 words Of Paragraphed Text In.

If your web pages have the same header, footer, left side-bar, right side-bar, and only a small bit of text in the middle, you may suffer a duplicate content penalty.

You can get a freelance to write 500 mediocre words for $10, or 500 words of selling copy for a good deal more.

6. Selling Something Direct? Use A Simple Means Of Purchase.

An intermediary service like PayPal is perfectly good to start with. If you have just a few products, their HTML buttons are a good way to test the waters. When you make over $1000 a month, get your own merchant account.

7. Want To Be An Affiliate? Research First.

There are services which act as intermediaries between you and the companies whose products you'll be promoting. Research them in webmaster forums and try them out. If they fiddle your payments, drop them immediately.

Long term, deal direct with companies. If you can offer them good leads rather than worthless clicks, they'll be interested.

8. Get Some Backlinks.

Popular forums, directories and blogs are good places to drop links. Search engine bots will find them easily, and thus index your site quickly.

9. Niche site done. Now make another one!
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T. O' Donnell is a credit broker offering free Wordpress themes and real estate software in London, UK.
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