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What To Look For From Your Conference Venue

Dec 24, 2007
There are an almost infinite number of conference venues in the UK. Choosing where to hold your event, how many people will be going and the type of event you wish to host will help you narrow the choices.

If you know that your event will be held in London this will help you reduce the number of possible options. Knowing the size range of your event will also help you narrow your choices. A large event of 500 plus people will obviously greatly reduce your options as fewer venues are able to cater for this amount. The type of event you wish to hold is also an important factor that will affect the number of venues that will suit your needs.

Christmas Party

Hosting a great Christmas party is reliant on a good venue. A venue that can provide a talking point is a must but even more important is the standard of food and drink that a venue offers. A successful Christmas party can be a great way of rewarding your staff after a year of hard work. It is essential that your staff come out of the event feeling good. It is important that the venue gives out the impression that money has been spent to make their night enjoyable. A cheap trip to the nearest takeaway might not achieve this whereas a dedicated function centre that deal in making peoples nights enjoyable might be more successful.

Meet and greet event

Business revolves around the contacts you can make. Whether this be for client acquisition or for finding other businesses that could contribute to your success meet and greet events can help you network. The right venue for these kinds of events would be one that delivers an event alongside the meet and greet. For example an art gallery or a sports event could give the event a focus and give the delegates something to talk about aside from their business.

News and press

Finding the right event for your press conference or news release can be a difficult choice. If there is enough hype to warrant a large amount of press interest then you need to pick a venue that is large enough and is designed to enable cameras and good audio equipment. If you are looking to generate press interest then you may need to pick your venue accordingly.


Teambuilding events can take place at an enormous variety of venues. The venue of choice depends entirely on the type of training you are looking to undertake. Many office orientated companies will choose to have their teambuilding events at venues out of the office.

This gives a welcome break from the office and aims to provide team skills that might not be so easy to develop in the office. Nevertheless there are many venues that can provide adequate facilities for team building events without having to provide any specialist equipment as many teambuilding events can take place anywhere.


Many people overlook large corporate venues for their meetings as they anticipate that they will be too large for their humble needs. This is not the case. Even the largest of conference centres provide facilities for small business meetings between 2 and 20 people. It is important that you find a venue that provides the correct technology to meet your needs. Most meeting venues provide projectors; interactive whiteboards and a computer network so that delegates can share their work.
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