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A Peek Inside The Successful Internet Marketing Guru's Toolbox

Dec 24, 2007
Internet marketers are much like carpenters; they plan, build, continuously remodel and expand. Dually, they must ensure that their plan has an ability to succeed through the test of time and competitive elements. To achieve these goals, it is critical that their toolboxes are well-equipped with a certain set of tools and understandings. Without these tools, the rooms of the home or the pages of the website will remain empty, without any traffic or buyers.

Thus, the secret to achieving internet marketing success is utilizing the right set of tools to become friends with the search engines, attract quality traffic, and implement conversions!

The synergistic combination of tools

I had an opportunity to peek inside several successful internet marketing gurus' toolboxes, and I was very surprised to find that they had very similar tools. Their tools are available to all internet marketers, but it is finding the right combination of tools that makes these gurus so successful.

To review their tools, we must first understand how these internet marketing gurus are building their online empires:

 Effective PPC campaigns
 Search engine optimized websites
 Affiliate programs

When you look at an internet marketing guru's toolbox, you would expect to find common tools, much like a carpenter's toolbox would have a hammer, screwdriver, and nails.

Thus, peeking into an internet marketing guru's toolbox, I found that they had the following standard tools:

 In-depth web pages with unique, fresh content that resulted in high conversions
 Content with 3-5% keyword density and latent-semantic indexing considerations
 Back links in high PR directories (ranging from PR5 to PR8)
 Powerful affiliate relationships that increased their traffic and visibility

The key tool in the gurus' toolbox: ZamDoo

All of those tools made perfect, synergistic sense. However, there was one tool that stood out immediately:

 ZamDoo.com

Upon further analysis, I realized that ZamDoo.com was the unique tool that these successful internet marketing gurus were utilizing to generate successful PPC campaigns. This tool streamlines the entire PPC research process, which means that every single PPC keyword has a high ROI.

In addition, the gurus explained that ZamDoo.com gave them the ability to track all of their competitors' PPC activities; they knew exactly which keywords their competitors posted at which times, as well as which of their competitors' keywords were ROI successes or failures. Therefore, their investment to each PPC keyword resulted in a savvy, logical, and profitable return.

ZamDoo.com made it incredibly easy for the internet marketing gurus to track all of their ad campaigns, keywords, and competitors' activities, thus allowing them to continue to build additional websites to add to their online empire.

The other crucial metric for measuring the success of an ad, is the time of placement. It isn't much use to have an ad for a breakfast product being advertised at dinner time. That's a simplistic example, but over time with ZamDoo, you'll be able to discover trends in ad postings to learn if your competitors have discovered that certain times of the day/week are more productive than others.

By utilizing the powerful ZamDoo.com tool, in combination with a SEO website and affiliate relationships, the average internet marketer can successfully build his online empire. By aligning your toolbox with those of today's internet marketing gurus, you can become the online guru of tomorrow!
About the Author
Dave McDuff is the co-founder of the ultimate PPC ad research tool on the market - ZamDoo. With ZamDoo (http://www.zamdoo.com), internet marketers can research the PPC ad space on Google, MSN & Yahoo, and discover which ad text, positions, keywords and time of ad placement are the most successful. Having this information before starting a campaign means marketers can enter a new market (or refine existing campaigns) with rich data on their competitors.
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