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Does Hot Linking Violate Copy Right Rules?

Dec 24, 2007
Internet pages have gained a very high reputation of producing in our society that is run by computers and several company leaders have big dreams of making large amounts of money by using the power of the Internet. Creating and implementing an actual web site can be quite a time consuming process and will require many different steps in order for it to work properly and be effective for its users. Despite all of the specific details that a potential web site owner must follow to design a web page, there are many places on the Internet that help to simplify the process and educate those who have never done so before.

In addition to actually have the knowledge of how to create and publish an Internet page, online company leaders have to also become well educated on the legal issues that are involved with the online industry. Most of the legal issues that have to do with businesses that are published on the Internet deal with copyright laws which are set in place to protect peoples original ideas, media, and content. Copyright laws prohibit people from stealing pictures, videos, audio bits, writing, and any other content from other web sites without the owners literal consent.

Several potential Internet page producers acknowledge the existence of copyright laws, but often times they fail to completely understand all of the details and specifics of these special rules. In most cases however, Internet page owners get into trouble with the law because they have not educated themselves well enough with all of the little things that have to do with copyright issues. The first step in avoiding any type of trouble is to read about copyright laws and to find out what your site needs to do in order to abide by these important laws.

With this particle text, the popular topic of hot-linking within Internet pages will be regarded and simplified for people who do not understand exactly what it is. Hot-linking is a term that Internet site owners use to describe how people link to things from their own page to another persons page. These links are often led to artistic mediums such as pictures, videos, and audio clips.

When carefully looked at, hot-linking is surely a violation of copyright law if you have not gotten the permission of the owner, even if you are not displaying the actual media form. Hot-linking simply types out the entire link on your own site without displaying the picture, video, or what else it might be. This type of link is a lot better than the actual media source which is a much greater violation of copyright law.

Hot-linking must be eliminated from web sites as much as possible, even though it is pretty difficult to do especially if you have many links to others sites on your web pages. Make sure to get the owners permission to have a link to their sites on your own web sites. By coming to some sort of an agreement you will be able to avoid troubles with the law.
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