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Boston Scavenger Hunt: Genuine Team-Building Fun

Dec 25, 2007
It's hard to equate team building exercises and fun together, but enthralling scavenger hunts can not only create laughter and good times, but shows real strengths in co-workers. Team building in Boston takes on a whole new flavor as your company team can tour Boston in search of clues rediscovering typical haunts and finding new discoveries both in the city and within each other's skill.

Whether you live in Boston, elsewhere in the New England area, or are just visiting on official company business, Boston is a perfect place to hold a team-building scavenger hunt thanks to its historical significance. Boston is a town that is literally packed with American history.

Scavenger hunts typically start by breaking attendees into equal sized groups. The gangs are all then given a list of questions to follow, and it's off to the races, on foot, mass transit, taxis, or if you like to hunt in style, the luxury of a Limo. Teams decide where to go based on the clues that are given in a pun-like format.

In a city-wide Boston Scavenger hunt, they may get a question that not only pertains to the culture of the region, but a twist of a few words to reveal the answer. An example from one company that specializes in Boston team-building scavenger hunts that would direct a team to Boston's historic Faneuil Hall: "At the Bull & Finch Pub, whose exterior is known to TV viewers as the Cheers bar, Norm stands before the name of one of his 'best friends,' Sam. What other two pals' names are written here?" With a little reading between the lines the answer will become clear by investigating the sign behind Norm explaining that the two "best friends" the question was referring to were actually beers, Molson Golden and Bud, Sam being Samuel Adams, not Sam Malone.

Team Benefits of the Hunt

A Boston Scavenger hunt provides many aspects of team building. Such corporate scavenger hunts have been shown to:

- Lubricate and ease communication with a central goal in mind
- Emphasizes team member's strengths; one who may know history while another knows the quickest way to Fenway
- Recognize value in brainstorming and bouncing ideas between each other
- Understand the value of time constraints and deadlines

Spicing up the Hunt

There's big business in helping corporate employees bond. Companies that specialize in corporate team building are available to help corporations and other groups plan team-building scavenger hunts.

A good scavenger hunt company keeps an open mind about how the hunt can be catered. They should have the capability to custom design your corporate scavenger hunt, allowing you to customize the hunt's questions around the company, or design your own Boston scavenger hunt that ends at the company's favorite watering hole to celebrate the fun.
About the Author
The staff at Watson Adventures (http://www.watsonadventures.com/boston.html), a company providing custom scavenger hunts in Boston and many other major cities, is open minded and flexible, so most anything can be arranged by calling them. Team building in Boston has never been so unique.
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