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9 Tips For A Parent Owning A Home Business

Dec 25, 2007
Do you have kids? Perhaps you find yourself wanting to be at home with them without giving up the income your full time job offers you. For many parents this is the biggest hurdle they face.

How do you stay at home and work, therefore not sacrificing your income. And when you are at home how do balance work and kids. It is not an easy task, but you can do it. Here is 9 tips that will help you.

1. Depending on the ages of your kids you are going to have to keep them occupied, or they will end up driving you crazy. Even worse is they may get into trouble or get hurt.

If you have more than one they might be able to keep each other busy. Regardless you need to have activities planned in advance so you can get some work done when you need to.

2. Set up a home business office and establish working hours. When you are in the office it means you are at work and nothing short of an emergency can interrupt you. It is important that your family understands this rule and does not try and take advantage of you being at home.

3. You may need to find a babysitter to come over and take care of your children when you are working at home. This is a cost of home business and working at home. Ask around for references and conduct a thorough interview before you decide.

If not that you might have to take your kids to a sitter or day care some of the week. This can aid in your child's development and help get them ready for school as well.

4. Are you an early riser or perhaps a night owl. Work when they are still in bed. If you have the type of home business that uses the computer or the internet you can work whenever your schedule allows. This is a function of time management.

5. Have breakfast or lunch together. By providing your total attention either early in the morning or midday you can keep up to date and avoid interruptions later in the day when you are busy.

6. When the kids are just misbehaving they may be telling you they want attention. What a blessing that is to be able to control your schedule and take time to do things with them. You may be better off to just get up and go play with them.

7. Plan your work around them. If they sleep in the afternoon you should work more then. If they are in school and it is your carp pool day plan accordingly. Get a good day timer just like you were at your old job.

8. Be flexible in your time if you can. Take your kids to the park and bring along a little work if you need to. You can kill two birds with one stone this way.

On some days if the weather is bad you may just want to get up and go to a movie if they have one available during the day where you live. Being flexible will allow you to come back home and still get your work done for that day.

9. Give your kids something to do in your home business. Kids today are very talented on a computer even at an young age. They may be able to really be of some help. Even paying them can provide a tax benefit worth checking into.

Hopefully these 9 tips will help you be a better work at home parent. The facts are that today more and more people are balancing a home business with taking care of their kids. You can certainly be one of them with a little planning on your part.
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