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Promote Your Website With Articles and Autoresponders

Dec 25, 2007
Consider writing and sending articles to your subscriber list to market your product or service. This is a very effective and inexpensive method of driving targeted traffic to your website and building your internet business. The content of the articles should be interesting, providing the reader with useful information that is relevant and provides value. Be careful to make sure your articles are not sales letters or advertisements. The article should include a link to your website that the reader can click on for more information giving you a chance to make a sale.

Submitting your articles to article directories one at a time is time consuming and the benefits are not realized immediately. It takes time for your articles to be picked by other publishers and get disseminated around the internet. However, if you use your autoresponder to send each of your articles to your subscriber list, you can begin profiting from your articles immediately.

Since you are sending quality articles to your subscribers, you will be building a relationship with them and they will begin to trust you more and more with each e-mail that you send to them. Sure you can still publish your articles on your website, however, sending the article to your subscriber list allows you to repeatedly contact them with valuable information as soon as you post it. Your subscriber list contains the most targeted audience available for your niche and getting your articles to them quickly is going to be the most beneficial to your business.

Determine the frequency at which your autoresponder will e-mail your articles to your e-mail list. Every few days or so should be fine. A daily e-mail can become annoying to them. Another benefit of using an autoresponder is that you can send a broadcast messages which means you can send an e-mail whenever you choose. If you have an article that you want to release right now you can do that. Another benefit is that you will be able to track the click through and open rates of your e-mails so that you can identify which of your articles are the most successful in increasing your sales. You can modify the articles that do not provide a good response rate to see if you can increase the effectiveness.

Maximize the effectiveness of your e-mail and article marketing campaigns by using your autoresponder to e-mail your articles to your subscriber list and be prepared for a dramatic rise in your income.
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