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Common Internet Scams - Work From Home Jobs

Dec 25, 2007
Let's face it, most people, at certain stages of their lives, have trawled the Situations Vacant columns either genuinely looking to improve their lot or just to see what else is out there.

Here lies the danger. If you've just spent the last two hours stuck on a so called 'freeway' or compressed like a sardine on public transport...then you're in the perfect state of mind to be scammed!

Scamming sharks know full well that tired and irritated people are prime fillet steak for their sweet, juicy advertisements. They know that you'd give away your eye teeth and your wife and kids not to commute...ever again!

They are well tuned in to the anger, frustration and bitterness that builds up in people daily spending two hours on what should be a half hour journey.

They know the pain you have to endure twice daily, five days every week, eleven months of every year.

Scammer's know this pain very well and this is why they know you're vulnerable to what advertisers call 'keywords.'

They also know that by using certain key words and phrases they can tap into your misery and profit greatly from it.

Arguably, the most potent and powerful of these keywords is probably that lovely little word 'free' but a phrase that's well up there in scam heaven is quite short but so sweet in it's emotive connotations..."Work From Home."

Every frustrated commuter in every traffic jam in the world would just love to get away from their twice daily torture. Just think, that's millions of suffering souls that are ripe potential victims for a crafty advert assuring them of $500 a day - wearing their pajamas!

Nowadays it's almost impossible to open any newspaper, anywhere in the civilized world and not find an advert extolling the virtues of working from the comfort of your own hearth and home.

These slimy sharks prey on your daydreams of telling your boss his fortune and earning a pile of cash for twenty minutes work a day. It's absolute garbage!

Almost all of these so called Internet Marketing 'jobs' turn out to be nothing more than typing and placing adverts for their own company or other scam sites. In effect, what you've done by paying them your 'enrollment fee' is paid them to perpetuate their little scam.

Nice work if you can get it!

If you do a Google search for Internet Scams these work from home jobs are right up there with the worst of them - and there's a very good reason.

The reason is that a lot of people are making a lot of money from a very human desire to escape the daily grind and work for themselves. They're not lazy, or greedy, they just want to rid themselves of the tedium of the daily commute. The scammers know this.

The good news is that it is possible to get away from all that daily grief and earn a very respectable living from Internet Marketing, if you take the right advise and take the time to learn from the right sources.

The Internet is mind blowing in it's immensity. Somebody once said that only Einstein could comprehend infinity and, to my way of thinking, the Internet must be something akin to that.

This wonderful tool can offer all of us endless ways of making money and enjoying a better lifestyle.

But opportunities come at a price and to make a living at home this price is taking the trouble to learn just what you are getting involved with.

If you think that by paying somebody $50 you are going to be earning five hundred bucks a day for simply typing advertisements you have a very rude awakening coming.

It's true that whilst the Internet really is a level playing field and everyone has the chance to make the most of what's on offer - some will always be more successful than others, just as in any other form of new endeavor.

You will succeed working at home, if you really want to, but you have to realize that you're going to have to get a new education. It's not difficult, just different, that's all.

Just remember, you're much better off spending your fifty bucks on learning the basics of Internet Marketing and the way the Internet really works than spending hundreds on these 'Data Entry' scams.
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