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Finding The Best Marketing Network That Holds Your Interest

Dec 25, 2007
One of the toughest aspects of being in a network marketing program is retention of your downline. Too many people envision huge incomes and little work, causing the turnover rate in multilevel marketing companies to be higher than in any other industry. There are many reasons that people walk away from a great opportunity, but the most common reason is that something better came along.

While this may be true, there seems to be the newest and best marketing network opportunity popping at least twice a year. Every new pill or lotion that is introduced is available on the internet and distributors are needed to get this product to the consumer. Once potential distributors understanding the way network marketing works in the real world, they may lose their interest and move onto a program that claims it takes less time working and more time getting rich.

Realistically, the days of instant wealth working on the internet is over. The odds of earning into the millions within a year are a few thousand to one and most self-proclaimed entrepreneurs find out they are going to be that one. In fact the odds are against most people earning a stable living through multilevel marketing is disappointing, but those who understand that working from requires actually working can be successful.

Regardless of the promises made in the most recent email about the newest hot product to hit the market and how action is needed now to get on this ground floor opportunity, take time to investigate the offer. Many question why, if the product is so hot why it is not sold in retail outlets, but the truth is it can take time to get shelf space in a retail outlet and once it is successful through network marketing, the company can save money on lower distribution costs by selling only through qualified distributors.

If you miss the deadline for getting in on the ground floor, there is no reason to panic. Chances are a more improved product will come around in another six months and you can jump on that bandwagon.

In order to be successful with network marketing you have to believe in the product or service you are selling. It also pays extra dividends if you personally use the product and can offer first hand testimonials to your potential customers. Once the customers are addicted to using the product, they can be invited into the network, if for no other reason but to be able to buy the product at wholesale. They may then see the benefits of the best network marketing opportunity and sell their customers on the idea of being a distributor, all the while building sales in your downline.

Buying into a network marketing downline simply for the sake of making money can work, but the amount of effort expended will increase with your interest in the product. Believing in what you sell is a strong indicator to other potential distributors and will give you the incentive to work harder and contact more people to keep you involved in the sales field as well as recruiting.
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