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To Hurry Success Market Direct To Your Network

Dec 25, 2007
Mail advertisements used to stuff mailboxes with companies using a numbers game in their advertising game. They would send out thousands of advertising pieces through the mail and hope to catch the right customer in the right mood to answer their ad. This was a costly venture to be sure, and more often than not the majority of the ads went straight into the trash. Then came SPAM and email boxes were littered with unwanted sales pitches from companies no one had ever heard about.

At first, it was just annoying, having to delete all those unread emails and over time most only looked at the address and if it was not one they recognized, it was deleted. Unfortunately, they may have been missing some good deals, but a few bad apples ruined it for everyone. It has also made it difficult to target specific groups with information they may actually be happy to receive.

Back in the bulk mail days a customer could specify specific areas into which their mailings would go, learning that sending out 100 targeted mail pieces with a 20 percent return was much more cost conscious than sending out 1,000 pieces with a one percent return with the prospect of actual purchase ranging considerably higher.

This is the attitude of many of the online marketers as they attempt to glean leads from individuals who may actually use their products and welcome information about what a company has to offer. Marketing through ezines aimed at a particular demographic will result in quality leads and qualified customers much for effectively than a broad-brush approach to marketing.

To reach the people in a specific network, or to invite people into a network without raising their ire, requires the people targeted are at least remotely interested in the network. For example, inviting people into a network about food safety by sending information to online gambling sites, probably will not result in any significant return. If the network is for services for senior citizens for instance, marketing to ezines or web sites that offers services for seniors will likely generate more interest in that demographic.

Especially companies that sell marketing leads, finding one that target specific demographics or groups may cost a little more per lead, but they are sure to provide a better return on the investment. Put the shotgun back in the closet and pull out the rifle when setting sights to reach a particular network to which to market.

Politicians do it all the time, as they do not want to waste their campaign money sending literature to members of the opposing political party. Especially when trying to raise funds or drum up volunteers it is always better to sing to the choir than trying to get people to switch their political religion. When they believe their opponent is just plain wrong about an issue they may consider suggesting their known supporters approach the other side of the aisle to try to change their affiliation. This type of target marketing help politicians target their network and uses their network to build by word of mouth advertising to other networks as well.
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