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Dec 25, 2007
The Multi-Level Marketing network (or MLM) is a system wherein many levels or layers of workers or participants, usually consisting of executives, managers, distributors and recruits right on down the line, share a percentage of the profit or gains incurred through sales of a particular product or products and/or services promoted or marketed by the company or organization in which they all work or play a role. Typically, each and every participant, regardless of the level, receives approximately the same percentage of the intake as everyone else, although it isn't unusual for executives and managers to receive bonuses and other extras as a reward for the work peformed by their levels. These extras and/or bonuses are incentives to push a particular product during a certain fiscal or retail period, say, a week, two weeks, or a months, such as the case of a bargain sale. As is the ongoing tradition in any multi-level marketing network, everyone involved benefits, as long as the product(s) and/or services sell.

This is the distinction that makes the multi-level marketing network legal. Profitting off the product and/or services is one main objective of fair, equitable business. Scams such as the pyramid scheme gain off the work of others, which isn't only illegal, it's unethical (which explains why it is illegal). Set-ups such as this take priority off of the sales of products and/or services and push the recruits to work exceedingly hard for virtually nothing. Multi-level marketing (marketing for multi network systems ) is designed to benefit everybody, which is to say it is equitable. In this sense, not only is the MLM system acceptable, it is one of the most common pay/profit systems employed today.

The thing with the multi-level marketing network, however, is that recruiting participants is not as easy as one might think. Many new-business starters attempt to reach the general public. This strategic, though, is problematic in that recruiters push their ventures on mostly uninterested people until their attempts are perceived as harrassment. Instead, the wiser and more successful strategy is to determine the appropriate target group(s), find out where they are, and promote the venture to them. Not only would they more likely interested because the showcased venture is in their field, but they would be apt to pass the word around to others in similar networks, which would benefit the initial venture in the long run. Therefore, when a new business begins to network, it should know for whom it is intended to benfit.

Multi-level marketing network systems, then, are both widespreading and selective. This complex ambituity reflects both scope and focus--two dimensions of measurement that must be implemented and maintained through the duration of any business to ensure that business' current and future success. Without these, the venture runs blind and could lose profit on inessential expenses (thus rendering some recruited parties inequitably paid a lower percentage than others or unpaid altogether) and slam into a brick wall. This is why the multi-level marketing network is so important.
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