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Marketing A Multilevel Network

Dec 25, 2007
Convincing people to join a multilevel marketing network can be a challenge as the term itself has only one of two effects on people. They are either enthusiastic about the prospect or they turn and run away. The reputation of multilevel marketing has been tainted by previous pyramid schemes and other pyramids that hid behind overpriced products to evade the legal definition of a pyramid.

Several people believe that multilevel marketing is all just a scam, the only way to make money is to start the business, and then cash out once it reaches its saturation point. Others believe there is no such thing as a saturation point and the more people involved in the business the more sales and money generated. True multilevel marketing professionals will tell you that while the business requires little or no manual labor, it should not be viewed as a get rich quick scheme.

Anyone in business knows that selling a product take work and most people, especially online customers, will investigate a purchase before making it. They will also investigate the company before trusting them with their money, usually because of all the negative publicity generated by the questionable practices of a few illegal companies.

It could be pointed out that multilevel marketing networks have been around long before the internet took the practice to a global audience. Cosmetic lines, jewelry, home cleaning supplies and many other national companies made a killing selling their merchandise through many layers of distributors. Their products were well-liked and no one thought twice about the prospect of them being illegal, which despite a few set backs by one or two companies by individual distributors, have been proven a reputable sales method.

Companies that push for the sale of distributorships over the sale of products rarely last long as they have trouble passing the pyramid test. The best way to market a multilevel network is by marketing it to current customers. The individuals who love the product and use it on a regular basis do not have to be sold on how well it performs. They may even approach the subject about becoming a distributor and start pressing to join the organization.

This method may seem slow to those trying to build a multi-million dollar network, but it is the type of network that can not only increase growth but can also sustain the growth. People are much more willing to be involved in a venture in which they believe and who better than those who already use the product? They are their own testimonial. Remember the advertisement, "I am not only the company owner, I am a user." Sold more products that most other ads for the same type of product.

Unfortunately, many network marketers who have depleted their supply of warm contacts move into cold calling and when they fail at that, they simply move on to a different program. The results will usually be the same because they are more interested in making money off the efforts of others and bullying them into making sales instead of finding qualified members for their downline. They are also not interested in market saturation and do not worry about have half of the town in their organization, trying to sell the same products to each other.
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