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Quality Leads Often Harvested For Sale

Dec 25, 2007
Leads, leads and more leads. When marketing internet sales there is nothing more important than quality sales leads. Many internet marketing companies have developed their own programs to harvest leads from visitors to their website, but what they are really looking for are internet users who have never been to their site. While it is infinitely easier to sell more to established customers, offering similar items, for companies to experience a significant sales improvement they need to welcome new customers.

Most of the time when an ad appears online offering something for free or offering an entry form to enter a contest, it is being operated by a company out to harvest contact information to sell to network marketing companies. Even if the registration form states the information will not be shared by any outside company, the business relationship between the registering company and the one that buys the information can be listed as being owned by a third company. With this type of business relationship, they can honestly make that claim.

Others however, make no bones about their intention. There may be a box to opt out of receiving additional product information from the same company or from third party companies, usually placed in some obscure place on the registration page, hoping it is missed by most those signing up to win. Since some will opt out of receiving additional information emailed to them, the ones that do not can count on their information being sold to numerous different companies by the harvesting agent.

With that in mind, companies that buy the leads may not be exceptionally happy with the mailing list. For example, a company looking to sell merchandise to senior citizens may not provide the type of information that the person who registered to win an MP3 player is going to want to receive. The company that bought the leads usually has no idea of the demographics of the people who filled out the entry form and simply send the information to everyone.

With internet marketing, many believe it is a numbers game, meaning the more emails they send out the better their odds of hitting someone who may be interested in their product or message. Without these registrations and other forms of gathering web users information companies would be hard pressed to market direct to consumers due to anti-spam rules in place. Provided the box agreeing to receive email information is check on the registration form, the company is covered. Of course there also has to be a system in place to remove someone's email address when they asked or the company can face financial penalties.

Depending on the name of the company as well as the subject in the email, even those from approved businesses can end up in a person's spam folder. Usually in the first email sent out, customers are advised to add the email address to their address book to prevent the inadvertent loss of important information. This also serves as a reminder that the customer agreed to allow them to send out advertising offers.
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