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Internet Marketing Secrets That Will Improve Your Sales

Dec 25, 2007
In the world of marketing there are lots of little tricks of the trade that will enable you to get the most out of your products, and you can learn many of them by visiting other people's sites.

One example of this relates to customer sign ups. How many times have you been surfing the internet, seen something advertised and clicked through to find yourself looking at a completely different site to where you first started?

If you've clicked through via a Google advert you will often end up on what is known as a sales page. These are normally advertising the latest book or course written by a marketing guru. They consist of the normal selling techniques and lots of previous customer testimonials praising either the guru themselves or their product (or more often both).

Once they have drawn you in with clever copywriting, which has you believing you too can change your life as easily as they did, they then clinch the deal by offering you this amazing product.

Not for a price, but for free.

By this time all but the most skeptical of people have been won over and are chomping at the bit to be told how they can get their hands on this amazing freebie. Normally this requires your first name (so they can now personalize their correspondence to you) and your email address, plus a button which you click in order to receive your free product.

This will also put you on their mailing list, once you've confirmed your request to receive any future information they wish to send you.

When you've clicked this button a cool little marketing trick comes into play. Instead of being directed straight to your free download page, you are redirected to another sales page. This time however it is aimed directly at you. You are now introduced to a one time exclusive deal, a never to be seen again offer which is altogether too good to be passed up.

This time the sales pitch is slightly harder, but there are still plenty of customer testimonials to read, not to mention several pictures of what house or car your guru of choice had before and after they discovered the secret this product reveals. This is a generalization, of course, but it gives you an idea of what to expect from these well crafted sales pages.

And at the bottom of this very long page you discover this product has a price.

Normally the price is quickly glossed over by a full ninety day money back guarantee and the inclusion of half a dozen free bonuses (sometimes many more, and often valued at thousands of dollars) if you accept the offer. This is what savvy sellers use to bring in more sales.

What they are banking on is that you will get caught up in the one time exclusive, never to be seen again sales pitch and buy this product now, instead of scrolling through it all and hitting the button which says "No thanks Bob, I know I will never have this opportunity again" and going straight to your intended freebie download page.

We humans don't like to miss out on a bargain. By using these techniques to create your own sales pages, you could soon experience a pleasant surge in sales yourself.
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Omaro Ailoch is a senior software engineer, an entrepreneur and the founder of OC IT Services a highly skilled California based web development design and search engine optimization firm
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