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5 Ways To Choose A Product You Can Sell Online

Dec 25, 2007
Recently I started a new project to see if making money online was as easy as everyone claimed that it was. Everywhere you look it seems that thousands of guys and gals are claiming million dollar pay checks from marketing online. So, I decided to journal my journey of making money online and today I am going to share what I have learned about choosing a product to sell online.

Keep in mind I am only discussing things I am learning. So, this will not cover anything outside of being an affiliate marketer, because I have zero intention of buying, storing, and selling any product. I am relying on the stores I trust to do that for me. In other words I will remain a marketer for other companies, not market my own products. You would be amazed at how many stores you know and love that are marketed through affiliates, it is a booming business, and I have to be honest, just a few, and I mean a few, do it and do it well. There are reasons why some make money and others don't. Plus there are a lot of products to choose from, and trust me; there are a lot of bad products to choose from.

So let's get started in discussing how you choose a product to sell online. This is part 2 of a 2 part lesson. To get part one visit our Bog listed in the author bio.

My first mistake was that I choose about 12 different products when I started and my second mistake was that I chose mainly bad products.

Lesson Learned when you are starting out chose one or two products.

Why only one or two, because this is a numbers game. I am in day 10 and I have generated 843 clicks to click bank and another 20 or so to commission junction. That sounds ok but the problem is when spread that many clicks among 12 or so products, you dilute the numbers game.

Since there are 12 products, I am not concentrating those 843 people to one or two products. And since it takes anywhere between 100-300 clicks to get a single sale, you really need to concentrate your clicks to one or two products when you start.

If you don't you will go broke and burn out due to lack of sales, I know because I have paid for some of those clicks. However there are ways to get free clicks, and I would suggest going the free route until you get use to moving product. Learn how to sell and convert clicks to sales before you start paying for those clicks. Because if you drop 200 bucks on ad words and get nothing in return...you are going to be bummed...you will learn a lot...but be bummed.

Ok so the question becomes...how do I choose a product?

If you go to commission Junction you will see products and stores you know and perhaps trust...so that is a no brainier...you just subscribe to the products you like and hope you get approved...

With click bank it is a little different. They rate their products in different ways.

At the bottom of each seller you will see this...

$/sale: $29.84 | Future $: - | Total $/sale: $29.84 | %/sale: 74.0% | %refd: 88.0% | grav: 437.58

What this tells you...

1. For every sell you are going to make 29.84
2. You are receiving 74% of the cost of the item
3. Grav is 437...or people promoting this product.

Now that is not a bad deal unless you are going to use ad words to promote your product...this product is listed as the most popular product in health and fitness...which means a lot of people are trying to promote it...plus you get 30 bucks for every sale...

BUT when that many people are promoting a product, that also means you are going to have high competition...which means you will be paying a whole lot more per click then you should...


The first thing you do is look at the landing page or sales page. If you think it looks cheesy...guess what...it is. No matter how good the product is, if the visual presence on the Internet is lame then no one will buy from that page!

Second thing you do...once you see a page you like look through the page and see if there are any links that lead to any other products or link the person to any other place other than the sells page. If it does you might lose a sale...even though click bank keeps that person tied to you for sixty days...it might be difficult to get a sale if the landing page directs people to different places.

Third look for products that sell for 20 bucks or higher...there is no data shown that a less expensive product sells better than a high priced product...so go high. Plus if you are paying for clicks...then you need that room to make a profit.

Fourth look for a grav of 100 or less...once you pass that 100 mark the competition will be to high. Stated another way if you are paying for clicks on products of a Grav 100 or more the price per click will be too high. If I am getting clicks for free, I usually don't worry about it, but if I am paying Google for clicks, I stay at a 100 or less.

Fifth you need to find out if the seller has an affiliate page. A place where you can get articles, downloads, web page's, etc. A place that really supports there affiliates, in a good way, not a lame way, like saying hope you do well.

If they don't have a support page for you, and I'm not talking about a place to sell you more stuff, but a place that is willing to do everything in their power to make you successful, don't work with them.

Ok the next step, find your one or two people you want to promote
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Phillip Longmire carries a business degree and started a blog called can you make money online . He is Blogging what he learns as he goes and is sharing a wealth of information he has paid for.
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