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MLM Training - What to Say to Get More People To Join Your MLM Business

Dec 25, 2007
If you are going to succeed at your MLM business you have to sponsor people. The following MLM training discussion has tips that are proven to help you sponsor more people, by giving you ideas that will convert prospects into productive team players.

In a previous MLM training discussion I discussed how to determine if you should invite for business versus product. This discussion picks up right at the point where you determine you're inviting to show them your MLM business. Now, what do you ask your prospect to do, or to look at?

You may or may not be familiar with my MLM training methods but one I frequently reference is the Inviting Formula, which is a sequence of steps to follow to invite your prospect to look at either your business or your product. This discussion is primarily focused on step 3 of the Inviting Formula,

Step 1. Greet Get your prospect to talk freely and openly to you.

Step 2. Qualify Find out what the prospect needs or wants as it pertains to your business.

Step 3. Invite Invite your prospect to look at some educational material that will help them get what they need or want.

Step 4. Handle Any Questions Or Objections Help your prospect past what is stopping them from getting what they need or want.

Step 5. Close to Action End the conversation by confirming the next time the two of you will talk and what each person is to do prior to that conversation.

Step 6. Follow Up or Follow Through Help your prospect to get what they've said they need or want by moving them closer to getting it.
Let's start with what you don't do, and why.

1. Covertly hide that it's network marketing. This could be disguising it as a "vertical franchise," or some other creative method or outright lying about it.

2. Give full disclosure. By that I mean - people get tired of hiding the issue so they just come right out and say "This is network marketing" on the first phone call.

As it relates to MLM training, the problem with full disclosure is that most people have heard of network marketing but only a handful of people fully know what it is. Oh, they have their perceptions of what they think it is, they may have even been involved with network marketing before but most people's knowledge is incomplete.

This requires you to handle their objections on the subject right on the first phone call - which can take a lot of doing! So much doing that I personally won't do it. If you start off with "This is network marketing" you've got a prospect that thinks they know what network marketing is, based on an experience or hearsay, but they really don't so they will make a decision not to participate because they think they know what it is. So I do NOT recommend you use this approach.

NOTE: this is different than someone asking you "Is this network marketing?" I've covered this issue in prior MLM training articles.

And of course I don't recommend you hide it or lie about it because when you try to sneak around network marketing, which triggers distrust in the prospect's mind and they feel something isn't right. If they get that thought, there's very little you can do to change their mind about you.

I also don't recommend you invite straight to your company. An example of this would be "I just got involved in a company that... First off, I never recommend you use the words "I just got involved" That draws objections - and a lot of them. But the reason I don't recommend inviting straight to the company is because eventually you will need to "mention" network marketing and at that point they will feel baited and switched and people do NOT like that - so don't do it!

You may think that you can get your prospect all excited about your company and the strength of that excitement will over-power their negativity about network marketing; but it doesn't happen.

What I've found to be most successful is to invite your prospect to look at the network marketing industry from a 3rd party source. I have tested inviting prospects to look at my company first - but the results were not as good; especially in the long run. The reason 90% of your prospects say "no" has to do with their confusion about the network marketing industry - they rarely say no to your company or their products. Now, you might think "Go the path of least resistance and invite straight to the company." I found that did not work as well. What you really need to do is to get their confusion about MLM cleared up if you want to sponsor them into your business.

The other very important item to think about is if you don't handle the network marketing issue in the very beginning, you will be handling it for the life of the distributor! Meaning, you may get them into your business, but they won't do anything - because they still have doubts about the industry.

So here are some important MLM training tips that if followed step-by-step what will get you the best results:

Using the Inviting Formula (from above), find out what they need/want. Invite them to look at a video that can help them get _______ (whatever they stated they wanted). The video you invite them to watch is Brilliant Compensation.

Brilliant Compensation is a video/movie that explains the network marketing industry in a non-hype way. It was created with Professor Charles King who received his doctorate from the Harvard Business School.

If you have not viewed Brilliant Compensation - you should do so ASAP.

So in summary:

1. Use the Inviting formula when talking with your prospect.

2. At step 3 of the formula, invite your prospect to look at a video (or audio if that's your choice) that will help them get what they need or want.

3. Have them view Brilliant Compensation.

4. Follow up with them and then follow through by making sure they get what they stated they needed or wanted.

That is what business is about.
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