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Find The Perfect Venue For Your Event

Dec 25, 2007
Finding the right venue for your event can be a time consuming and challenging task. It has to be the right venue at the right price and it has to be available at the right time. Fortunately there are a growing number of online comparison sites that will help you compare and contrast your choices and often these sites will either allow you to book online or alternatively they will take on the booking service and do it for you.

The first decision you have to make whilst planning your event is where to hold it. The location of the event will help you narrow the field. There are thousands of venue options across the UK and picking from such an enormous number of venues is impossible if you don't restrict your options. Such is the variety and expanse of options that if you are picking a venue you should have the freedom to be picky and make sure that the venue is perfect for you.

The more precise you can be with location the easier your choice will be. For example picking a venue in London delivers an almost limitless number of possibilities. Knowing that you need to be near an underground station or in a certain section of the city will make your search manageable. The proximity to public transport stations will also be of importance. If you need to be close to public transport then your choice will be limited to manageable levels. Also if you know that your delegates will be driving to the event then it would be important that the venue has adequate parking facilities and that the access is good. If you are in London be sure to avoid the congestion zone. If you are expecting delegates to travel from overseas then it is important to pick somewhere close to the airport or with good transport links to the airport.

The next major factor to consider is the number of people that will be attending your event. The size of your delegation will no doubt change the type of venue you are looking for. If you are expecting to host hundreds of people then you need to pick a large venue. Often venues have a maximum capacity so that you can pick your venue accordingly. It is important to be aware that if you are planning a small gathering then you can still approach the large venues. Often these large venues do cater for smaller groups - so do not feel that your meeting is too small regardless of how large the venue centre is.

Once you have decided on the size and location of your event you should look into the type of event you will host. This will have a major influence on the type of venue you choose. It goes without saying that an intimate business meeting will require a different venue to a large wedding. Meeting venues will often need specific facilities such as networked computers, interactive whiteboards or projectors. Wedding venues need to make an impact on the people that attend and need to provide a memorable and special event.
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