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Tracking MLM Program Members Like A Family Tree

Dec 25, 2007
If you ever tried to keep track of your family tree, you know how difficult it can be to keep the names of children, grandchildren and their kids straight. Not to mention the branches that include cousins and the weird uncle that no one really knows. Several family tree software programs have been developed to help keep track of all members of the family.

Operating a multilevel marketing program can be very similar when it comes to keeping track of upline and downlines, especially when you add in commission structures and it can be really troublesome if the program uses a binary downline approach for every distributor selling the product or service. Fortunately, there is network marketing tracking software to help put everyone under the right mom or dad in the marketing family and keep track of everyone's sales.

This is an important part of operating a multilevel marketing program, especially the part about tracking sales and commission structure. You can be sure that the people working in the program know what their sales were, as well as the sales of those in their downline and exactly how much their commission check should be. They probably also have a good idea about how much the people in their upline are going to make off their sales and recruiting efforts so the operator of the multilevel marketing program has to make sure everyone gets paid what they have earned or face the risk of a shorter leg.

The biggest advantage of using network marketing tracking software is being able to make changes quickly. Many participants, especially in the lower tiers of a marketing program often leave for perceivably greener pastures and when that happens, the members under them have to be reassigned to another leader in the group. How the new leader is determined should be spelled out in the company's program operations guide, but actually making the change and making everyone aware of the change is done through the tracking software.

Additionally, if someone leaves and the first member in their downline takes their place in a downline, their commission structure will change. Being able to use the tracking software to make the change will make sure they receive the correct amount of commission on their sales as well as a little extra from those in their downline. Working their way to the top of a multilevel marketing program is a goal of most successful members, but usually unless someone in the top tier walks away, there is little chance for advancement. It is not likely that they offer promotional opportunities.

Any tracking software has to be able to track not only the members of the organization and their commission qualification, it will have to be able to keep track of orders and include customer names and addresses. This may seem irrelevant in calculating payments to distributors, but it provides a good back up system in the event there are concerns about the legitimacy of the sales being reported in a legitimate multilevel marketing program.
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