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How To Market Your Business Online

Dec 25, 2007
Building a business or creating a successful marketing network is an equal portion of art, science and innate talent. This will explain why some folks with almost identical business setup and opportunities will succeed beyond their wildest dreams while others will fail miserably, even if at the onset they appear to have similar results. While there is no surefire foolproof way of guaranteeing success, there are three strategies for successful business marketing and of course profitability.

1. The very first step, interestingly enough, will not require you to find a product. Instead, it will ask you to honestly and succinctly list your talents. Mind you, this does not refer to learned behaviors and skill sets gleaned through book knowledge but instead it refers to your gut level abilities that may have gotten honed with the book knowledge you have acquired but which by and large have always been part and parcel of your makeup.

Once you compose a list, give it to your closest friends and ask them to give you a yes or no to see if they share your opinion. Ask your mother and your kid brother and everyone else who knows you well when your guards are down and you are being yourself. This is not a methodology to deter you from network marketing, but it will determine which aspect of the business you need to focus on to increase your ultimate profitability, product sales or down line generation.

2. Successful business marketing and profitability will rely on your inborn talents to focus on the right aspect of the majority of your attention while paying merely adequate attention to the rest of the business. Thus, the second strategy is the creation of a large pool of qualified leads. For some, this may refer to customers while for others this may pertain to a group of individuals who will become a down line. Much has been written about lead generation but remember that you do not want indiscriminate leads but instead must have qualified leads.

Eschew the net approach in favor of the hook, line and sinker approach. In the first instance you might rent a meeting room and heavily advertise your gathering as either a job opportunity, business opportunity, or wellness fair which will net you a lot of leads but because the ads were not completely genuine but probably will not bring you too many qualified leads. In the second instance, you will target a certain segment of the population by advertising in trade journals or niche specific publications and use power words that will elicit buying or joining responses. This is where qualified leads are found.

3. One of the most overlooked skills required in business marketing, network building and overall selling of anything at all is product knowledge. You will not be taken seriously as a sales person if you can only regurgitate that which is printed on the glossy brochure or written on your website. Consumers have become jaded with smooth talk and obvious marketing hype and instead are consistently searching for the genuine article. If you know your product first hand, you will have the ability to deliver a pitch in a conversational and not contrived tone of voice which will boost your credibility immediately.
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