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Do You Need Social Networking Software?

Dec 25, 2007
Many people are confused about whether they really need social networking software. The general idea that many new computer users have is that in order to use many of the websites they must download and install programs in order for it to work. Yet the good news is that this is not necessary typically. For example, sites such as Facebook and even the more popular MySpace do not require you to download anything in order to use the site.

This is certainly not to say that other social networking software is not required to be downloaded in order to use a site. There are a few that do require you to download a program. However, typically the majority of public sites do not require anything to be downloaded in order to use them. This is good news, especially when you consider the large number of social networking software that is available online. Imagine if you had to download a program to use them, this could easily be enough space consumed on a hard drive to render the computer useless for anything more.

Keeping the software all web based also ensures that as updates are done to the social networking software individual users are not bothered with the hassles of downloading the newest updated versions. Keeping the software web based ensures that updates are swiftly put into place and there are fewer hassles with compatibility problems. You are assured when you are using web-based software that you are using the most up to date version. Software that must be downloaded and installed can easily slip into out of date versions making yourself prone to compatibility problems.

While both methods have their advantages typically, the majority of users prefer to use web-based software. This is often much easier to use and has fewer complications. In addition, the help and support that is often available for the web-based versions is much better. Providing access to those who are both advanced and inexperienced on the internet is very important to ensure that you are able to successfully participate online.

Just imagine the hassles and problems that MySpace would have as they have attempted to conquer the world with their social networking software if you were required to download and install a lot of software in order to actually use the site. This would slow down the system and greatly limit the number of people who would be able and willing to participate. Not only is this a bad thing, but it can be a huge disappointment to someone who was looking forward to participating but cannot due to system incompatibilities.

The majority of computer users are also not savvy enough to know how to properly download and install the software, much less use it. By using web-based programs, the large social networking software sites are opening their arms to all of the new computer users as well. As technology becomes even more a part of life, there will be plenty of times and situations where those who are less computer knowledgeable will be able to start gathering all of the knowledge that is necessary in order to operate a computer as seamlessly as someone who has years of experience.

However, until that time comes sticking to the programs that allow you to use web based versions of social networking software is always highly advisable to trying to work with a program that will not work with you very well at all. In the land of internet possibilities there are always numerous options and choosing the best solution for your needs. Your chosen social networking software is something that should be comfortable for you to use, with room for you to do the things that you enjoy without stressing out over crashing the system.

For everyone who has always wanted a suitable social networking software sticking to those that are web based tends to be the best possible solution that you can have. Thought it is very important to remember what works best for you, may not be what is actually best for others who are in your family or social network group as well. Deciding upon what you want to do and how you really want to connect with people often has a huge impact on deciding if you are going to be best off using web based social networking software or something that must be downloaded and installed onto your computer.
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