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Promoting Business With Online Marketing Savvy

Dec 25, 2007
Promoting an internet marketing business online requires many steps, beginning with the webmaster who, has to make the site search engine friendly. As important as search engines are to being found on the internet, making it friendly to humans is equally, if not more important because humans are going to be the ones surfing your site and looking for information and products you have to sell.

Make a user unhappy on their first visit to your site and you will never see them again. Make the site appealing to look at and easy to navigate and they will be back. Make it load quickly and the odds are they will visit the site. When they sit for more than four or five seconds and page is still loading, they will run out of patience without ever seeing what the page looks like.

Consider your own level of patience when you are surfing the internet. Pages that load slowly or are hard to navigate get little respect from you, so expecting your potential customers to put up with it is unrealistic. If there is going to be a delay in navigating to another page, give them advanced warning. Chances are if they expect it, they will wait, but if it ends up being just a little progress bar on the screen, they do not have time for that.

One of the biggest complaints from web surfers are pages that are designed to look good that slow them down in their quest for information and those that require them to search for information they are looking for. Walk your internet site like a customer to make sure it is friendly for them to use.

Making your site optimized for search engines has taken on a new meaning as the search engines began thinking more like human users. The biggest things important to search engines are the title of the site, does information available on the site provide any real value to the users and is the site easily indexed by the search engine spiders? The title can make a huge difference in being found on the internet. While the name of the businesses is important at the top of the site, the title should be relevant to what a person searching for your site would type into a search engine.

Unless the user visiting you for the first time types in Joe's Lapidary, for instance, the result will probably show no results. If they are looking for leather shoes, they will most likely enter 'leather shoes' as their search term and a title such as Joe's Lapidary Home of Leather Shoes may get their attention. Think about the title. It should be aimed more to what you are about and less about who you are.

Including a page of nothing but certain key words on your home page may get the search engine's attention but once it sees the information there is useless to humans your site will be listed on the last page of the search results, if at all. Quality, informative information will let the search engines know you have something of value for your site's visitors.
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