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Business Success At Your Fingertips

Dec 25, 2007
The success of a business truly lies at the hands of one person and that is you. Most of us don't want to have superiors and being our own bosses may seem to be the logical preference today. While most of us would have difficulty in the early stages, it still remains that people must gather themselves to a certain degree of responsibility to succeed in independent business today.

All my life I have been careful in what I have done with money. I have served as a Pastor of Churches for many years and now as I approach retirement I have found that the nest egg that should have been building is not there. It isn't that I didn't try - it was simply a fact that the financial packages offered by the Board of Deacons in the churches and ministries were not that high. Over and over again the folk appreciated what we did - but the financial reimbursement was not what it should have been. They just didn't have the money to help us. I knew what it meant to be "the poor parson."

I knew little of financial independence, positive cash flow, cashflow, web marketing, or even making money online. This was all "Greek" to me. Now "web marketing, how to make money online, how to make cash online" are concepts that make more sense. Money, opportunity, online job opportunity, online opportunity, web based income, internet based income are all things that I have been absorbing. The process is amazing - from not knowing much about any of this to now being able to share the idea with someone else.

The first thing you must do is to start small (investment) and learn your way through the mud. Find a business you can start for $20 or less. Then, find a mentor who you can rely on to bounce questions off their head almost anytime of day. This person will become much more than a mentor or friend, they will become your life-blood to online success. All of us have one or several of these people and they make that much of a difference.

Knowledge and training kind of go hand in hand. You need to have access to a library of information that can help you learn how to market, where to market and what to pay for that marketing expense. When your computer is turned on, it is very easy to get lead astray. One simple email can take you off task. Before you turn on your compute, have a plan laid out that will help you stay on task and keep you in the trenches.

My lessons teach and empower women, and men, from all walks of life and situations to gain the training and insight to build a home staging business from the ground up. I started my own house staging business, Six Elements Inc., so that I could have a more flexible schedule while pursuing my passions for decorating and real estate. While other home staging entrepreneurs have gotten into Home Staging as a side-line to interior decorating or real estate careers, I started my business from my home office, determined to be successful in a field that was typically "off-limits" to those outside the real estate or interior design field.

Within two years, I staged hundreds of homes and gained international recognition with articles in CNNMoney, The Wall Street Journal, Woman's Day and appearances on HGTV and others. That's what inspired me to create the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program, to teach and inspire others to successfully follow their dreams.
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