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How To Get More Opt-ins

Dec 26, 2007
The major thing about landing pages, and we have seen people make this mistake over and over again, is that when you are testing your landing page and let us just say you are getting like twenty clicks you are getting like one opt-in or two opt-ins and you are trying to get it down lower. On your landing page, you need to, when you are changing a few things, do not do any major changes on your landing page, do minor changes, because we have seen people do major changes on their landing pages and they are getting two opt-ins out of every twenty clicks and then all of a sudden they are getting like two opt-ins out of every fifty or seventy-five because of some changes they did.

And on top of that they did not save their landing page so they were unable to go back to the original one, so they were in a mess until they start tweaking it to get it back to where it was and then start back again. So make minor changes at one time to your landing pages. What we do is just tweak them, test them for a day or two or a few days and see if anything increases and that is how we do it. Your ads, test those too, you can see the amount of impressions you get versus the amount of clicks you get, your click through rate, which is your CTR. See what the response rate is. That is why Google, when you see our videos we talk about quality score, Google likes quality marketers with quality ads, that is why they will give you a higher ranking, it does not matter if they are bidding higher or not.

Test your ads, test your auto responder series, you can tweak your auto responder series. They have tools now for auto responders where you can make the urls clickable where you can track the click through rates. You can get third party services to do the click through rates, all types of testing that you can do. With third party audio services they have tools where you can check and see how many people listened to it, how many people listened to it through completion, the average listening time of the audio, all types of things you can look at. So it is all about tweaking your process. The reason that it is so important to tweak your process is because, not that you are going to do a bad job if you do not tweak it, if you are getting two opt-ins out of every twenty clicks, and let us just say your sales process is one out of every twenty-five opt-ins you generate one sale.

So you get two out of every twenty clicks, you are getting two opt-ins. We have people that tweak their sales process, their landing page, their auto responder series and their ads, and they are getting one sale for every twenty-five opt-ins. You are getting, like I said, out of every twenty clicks you are getting two opt-ins, we have been tweaking it for a while, like thirty or sixty days, and all of a sudden we are down to getting for every five clicks we get one opt-in. So that means out of every hundred clicks we get twenty opt-ins. And for every hundred clicks you get, you get eight opt-ins. So just over a hundred, we are already at twenty-five opt-ins, just over a hundred clicks. And like I said before, for every twenty-five opt-ins you get one sale, we have already made like four hundred bucks.
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