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Being Organized is an Individualized Concept

Dec 26, 2007
Organization is different for everyone so it only goes to reason that being organize means something different to different people. For some people being organized means using several dozen filing cabinets full of papers, folders, dividers and drawers. Others tend to keep track of where everything is in a stack of papers that look like a mess that they forgot to put away.

One person's horrendous mess is another person's organized office space. No matter what type of organizational style you have the bottom line is you have to do what works for you. You might have the newest, most updated state-of-the-art system around but if it takes you long periods of time sorting through the system then it is not helping you.

Fancy Doesn't Equal Functional

As you begin in your business some people buy filing cabinets and other organizational tools. These are the things that are listed as organizational tools and organizing options although their only helpful if you're printing out papers and working with large files and paperwork. Otherwise, the chances are these purchases are overkill.

Systems that grow with your business and can expand to hold the information needed are a much more feasible solution. Stackable file drawers are an example of this type of option. Plastic storage units may also work well for you. If you deal with confidential documents you may need to purchase sturdy, lockable containers. These can be quite helpful in the right situation. Anything that you can use to organize and hold your paperwork should work.

As far as desks go, some people prefer having compartments and drawers available to put items in while other people prefer to have a more open type desk with shelves. As long as you are keeping all of the important items close at hand all of these types work well.

Trial and Error is More Useful Than You May Expect

Being new to business makes it difficult to know what will work. Even people who are usually are very organized may not know what to do when it comes to organizing their home business. One of the best things to do is just try something, anything. There are so many different ways to organize and arrange things that get suggested to help new business owners. Perhaps the best solution is to try something. If that doesn't work you can try something else. Of with this trial and error method is sure to help you find yourself organized in a time.

Other business owners might be able to help you to sharing some advice and suggestions of sayings that have worked for them. There are several professional organizing gurus who help others with their organizational skills. The simple facts remain while not every system is going to work for you something is better than nothing. In the end it isn't how a system works for someone else that counts, it is what works for you.

Each organization system is a unique system as are the people who are using them. While it may work for one to use a specific type of system, others may find this very disorganized and unnerving. Each person has to set up a system that works for them. Choose what works best for you and stick with it.
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