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5 Unique Skills You Need For Home Business Success

Dec 26, 2007
If you are currently searching for the right home based business or already started one, you might be wondering what unique skills successful people demonstrate and that unsuccessful people don't. The truth is that hundreds of people are starting new ventures everyday but sadly most of them will call it quits within the next 3 to 12 months.

Over the next few minutes I'm going to share with you 5 unique skills you need to master to achieve home business success. As you read this information, I challenge you to see where you stand in these five categories as well as see what things you might need to work on.

#1 - Discipline

The first unique skill is need to master is discipline. One of the hardest things of moving from the "employee" mentality to the "be your own boss" mentality is the fact that you no longer have someone watching your every move. What motivates an employee is getting a paycheck every two weeks and doing just enough to not lose that paycheck.

Of course, if you go about your own home based business this way you will find too many ways to fail including, procrastination, distractions, and lack of experience. You really need to be aware of what you are doing while you are working and constantly ask yourself if you are staying on task.

Another reason discipline is such an important skill is because you will be working out of your home. Working from home is great but also brings all the distractions of your household right into your office. It's very easy to go turn on the TV every now and then or go grab a quick sandwich when you shouldn't be taking a break. A spouse, kids, and/or pets can also distract you from getting the most out of your work session.

To help you master the skill of discipline I suggest you do two things. First, write down all the distractions you will face working from home and the consequences that will happen to your business if you let those distractions take you away from your work. Second, post that list in your office to keep you aware of distractions as they happen throughout your work day. Being aware of what's going on and adjusting accordingly is the best way to create a disciplined home based business environment.

#2 - Self-Determination

Congratulations! You are the boss; you are in control of every aspect of your home business. With this new found responsibility can come some major pressure especially if money and time are on the line. This is why self determination is the second unique skill you must poses to achieve home business success.

If work doesn't get done, a deal doesn't get closed, or profits aren't made there is only one person to point the finger at and that's you. It's very easy to get discouraged when things don't go how you planned and this is when self determination really comes into play.

Take on challenges head on and don't take failure as an option. I have found that you can always come up with a solution if you really put your mind to something. You are going to face many challenges with your new venture and the key between turning those challenges into successes is how determined you are to do so.

#3 - Optimism

There are two types of people in this world. Some people see the glass half empty (Pessimists) while others see it half full (Optimists). I don't believe there has ever been a successful entrepreneur who was a pessimist. Too many things occur when running a business that are just plain frustrating and how we deal with them is the only thing that keeps a business running smoothly.

An optimistic person looks to find the good in things and is always looking for the silver lining inside the rain cloud. Being optimistic is important for many reasons. First off, it's much easier to find solutions to problems. Second, it makes you a more efficient worker. A positive attitude clears your head and keeps out the doubt that will constantly by creeping in.

#4 - Willingness to Learn

One of my favorite quotes is from business philosopher, Jim Rohn. Mr. Rohn says, "Formal education can earn you a living; self-education can earn you a fortune." What powerful words from a man who is a huge proponent of the home based business industry. Having a willingness to learn is the fourth unique skill you must poses to be successful with your unique business.

No matter how much you think you know, there are always others out there that have more experience and advice that you should be actively seeking. Read books, attend conferences, interview experts, and always keep learning.

#5 - Willingness to Invest

Running a home based business is going to require two major investments on your behalf. The first is money and the second is time. Although running your business out of your home allows you to cut down on major business expenses you still are going to need to spend money on marketing, equipment, and furthering your knowledge. Since most people start out without a lot of start up funds it's important that you are very careful where you place your money and that you are always looking for that return on investment otherwise known as ROI.

Your investment of time is another key ingredient to success. Time is very crucial in the beginning because you are going to need to get everything set up and get yourself out there. If you put in the time in the beginning you will find that you will have much more free time later on.

In closing, we have covered 5 unique skills you must master for home based business success. I'm sure as you read through these you found some you are already on top of and some that could use a little work. Spend the time to perfect each one of these skills and nothing should be able to hold you back.
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