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Do You Know All These About Search Engines?

Dec 26, 2007
You will need to let surfers visit your affiliate website in order to make real money online. However, there are billions of websites nowadays and it is not easy to drive quality traffic to your website. You will need to understand how people find your website in order to achieve the goal of drive quality traffic.

You should know what search engines are. Some of the bigger search engines are Google, Yahoo, Ask and Msn. It is very easy to search using search engines. You just type a keyword and the search engines will returns thousand of website related to the keyword you type. To this end you may probably understand that you need to rank well for some keywords in order to drive traffic from search engines.

Let's say you have a website on Chinese herbal tea. If you have incorporated the keywords "herbal tea" in the content of your website, you may probably get a good ranking in search engine when people are search for this key phrase. However, your website may not appear in the search results if someone search for the key phrase "lemon juice". As a result you will need to define clearly what your website is about and incorporate the proper keywords into the content.

So the most difficult part is how to incorporate this keywords or key phrases into your website content. You cannot just repeat the keyword ten times and think that you have done the job. At the end of the day your site is for human beings and there is no point to have something which does not make any sense when people read them.

This is indeed the trickiest part. To accomplish this you can try to take reference from other affiliate sites to see how other marketers do that. However, you should never copy their content since the search engines may have penalty on duplicate contents. You also have to bear in mind that the contents need to be well written otherwise you cannot make any money since people will not stay in your affiliate site and click on the links. So you should try to make a good balance between keyword and content.

Many affiliate marketers report that majority of their traffic is from search engines. And it is not difficult to understand why they try so hard to rank well in search engines since this will be free and targeted traffic. It is important to understand how a search engine works. It is not easy to learn to incorporate keywords into the content perfectly. But you still have to learn it otherwise it will be very hard for you to make money out of your websites.
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