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Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Dec 26, 2007
For anyone who has ever thought about opening their own shopping mall, affiliate marketing may be the answer. Being able to open a facility with several different stores offering a diverse range of products can invite a wide assortment of visitors. In order to attract tenants to the mall, instead of charging them rent, try collecting a percentage of their gross sales and see how fast the stores fill up with qualified tenants.

Be careful when signing deals as there will also be some fly-by-night companies wanting to set up shop in the mall as well as some offering goods and services that may not meet the standards of the community in which the mall is located, likely driving potential customers away to other shopping centers. All the mall owner has to do is advertise its opening and offer marketing help to the tenants in order to bring traffic through the front door and into the mall shops and the business will soon be booking for everyone.

This has worked well in many brick and mortar shopping malls, except for the part about the free rent and the store owners do not pay a percentage of their sales back to the mall owner. With an online shopping mall and affiliate marketing, anyone who can set up a website can own their own shopping mall. Many different stores under one roof and the mall owner collecting commission on every sale of every store.

This is how affiliate marketing works. Store allow affiliates to post ads on their website and if a customer comes into their store by way of that website, they pay a commission on the sale. An online shopping mall can create a unique opportunity to create several streams of income, providing the owner maintains the store cleanly and seasonally correct. Affiliate ads will have offer timely merchandise from quality online stores of the visitors will stop showing up.

Additionally, the online mall owner will have to keep the site fresh and marketed online and possibly offline as well, to draw as many visitors as possible. Making sure the online stores owners live up to their end of the bargain with the customers will also help maintain the integrity of the mall. Mall owners have to watch every store carefully to make sure the ads they are running in the mall remain current.

If a store is not drawing visitors from inside the mall or after several months there have been no sales from the store despite a large number of visitors, the mall owner has the choice to stay the course and hope it gets better or canceling their deal and finding another online retailer to take its place. With no advertising costs, most businesses are open to affiliating with an online shopping center.

However, a shopping mall that offers 20 or more shops that specialize in the same type of merchandise will probably be confusing to the customers and non-productive to most of the store owners. They may not want to be under the same roof as the others and ask to be removed from the online real estate.
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