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Is Creating A Fail Proof Business Possible?

Dec 26, 2007
Over one third of all new business fail every year and most of them were doomed before they ever opened their doors. Before venturing into any business, of any type, you can help prevent the business from going belly-up from the start or determine you need a different type of business to deflect failure. The most basic question you have to ask is why customers need whatever it is you are selling.

This is the most basic question of any business and if you can't answer it with a short, understandable answer, that is because there isn't one. You also have to look at the market to which your product or service will appeal. Just because there is no current market for the product doesn't mean you will be successful in creating one. It could be that the product serves no useful purpose and regardless of your marketing or advertising efforts, there nay be a reason no other company is in that business.

New competition may see your product or service and immediately see a new market. You will need to determine what would happen if a larger, better funded company entered the foray and could undercut your prices by even a few cents. Many consumers are fickle and can take several years to build a brand loyalty so that they are willing to stay with one company despite a very similar product being available for less money.

How you plan to sell the product is one aspect of running a business often overlooked and if there is no plan from the start on how to get the product or service in front of the right consumers, there will be no sales. Simply offering something at a great price looks good on one part of your business plan, but there is no mention of how you will get the word out, you will be doomed. It isn't enough to state advertising, you will have to plan on how to advertise, through what media and the demographic to which the ads will direct.

How you face existing or potential competition is an important part of beginning any new business venture and you will need to determine why people should buy from you instead of existing companies. Within your product mix you will have to offering something of value that the competition does not to make customers want to buy from you. However, this point will be moot if there is not tangible market for what you are selling.

The business you enter should focus on what you are good at doing and not what you think will provide the best income. If you have never worked as a cook, chances are you will fail as a restaurant owner, but if you have a lot of talent as a business manager, opening a management consulting business may have a better chance of success.

You will also need to understand where you want to be in the end. If you are planning to create a new business to create enough income just to get by, there are probably many of them available. However, you will have to do some serious research before starting a business with which to become filthy rich.
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