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Your Competition Will Tell You Their Secrets To Success. You Just Need To Know The Right Questions To Ask

Dec 26, 2007
Competition is healthy for corporations and consumers alike. Competition is what drives us, motivating us to out-think, out-act and out-smart our competitors. To stay one step ahead, entrepreneurs must continuously think outside of the box and find creative ways to capture their target clients' attention. They must also study their competitors to learn what avenues are driving their strongest results.

Until now, to truly study your competitors' functional advertising strategy would consume countless hours, enormous costs and for some, potentially unethical practices. In fact, performing such tasks could actually be counter-productive, as to incur such great time and expense, you may shift your focus away from the company's primary goal: making sales. Sure it would be phenomenal to have your competitions' marketing secrets in the palm of your hand, but if doing so means you lost focus of your business to derive such information, the overall effect could be counter-productive.

ZamDoo tells you the answers to the right questions

There is now a silver lining to this cloud. Technology is beginning to evolve to such a point that automation and innovation are achieving results in a time-sensitive and economical way. This technology provides us with insight into the marketing secrets of our competitors and gives us the ability to harness a tool which is so powerful and intuitive, it almost makes your success too easy. All the answers about your competitors marketing secrets are found with ZamDoo. Its software intuitively thinks outside the box for you, by giving you information that has commonly been closely guarded and coveted as a roadmap to your competitors' success.

It is often said that one man's success is another's failure. Soon a day will come where the saying shared by many will instead read: one man's success is in fact another man's success. This is because ZamDoo actually provides you with a detailed account of exactly what is and, equally as important, what is not working for your competitors' advertising campaigns. You now have the ability to legally and ethically look over your competitors' Google, Yahoo and MSN accounts to see which ads are producing results. In fact, in a matter of minutes, you will have the ability to identify the top performing ads and keywords within your competitors' advertising arsenal.

However, this unique insight does not stop there. Rather, this is just the beginning. You will be privy to the exact times of day when their ads are shown, as well as what days and times they are not. This alone allows you to position yourself to have your ads running when theirs are not, making you the sole competitor for specified key words! How much more would you sell if you were the only provider of your service or product? What if ZamDoo did even more than this? ZamDoo also identifies keywords with zero existing ads, thus giving you the resources to carve out a niche of keywords where you own the competition yet again.

ZamDoo is exactly what the thought-minded entrepreneur has been waiting for. It has the foresight and intuition needed to save you considerably in time, research and overall PPC costs. Taking your competitors' secrets is not only easy now with Zamdoo, but it is automated.
About the Author
Dave McDuff is the co-founder of the ultimate PPC ad research tool on the market - ZamDoo! With ZamDoo (http://www.zamdoo.com), internet marketers can research the PPC ad space on Google, MSN & Yahoo, and discover which ad text, positions, keywords and time of ad placement are the most successful. Having this information before starting a campaign means marketers can enter a new market (or refine existing campaigns) with rich data on their competitors.
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