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Wielding The Power Of Knowledge Keeps You Ahead Of The Competition

Dec 26, 2007
The saying, knowledge is power, holds steadfastly true when it comes to internet marketing. Indeed, the more you know about internet marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization, utilizing effective software for PPC campaigns, and winning over the blog community, the more successful you will be against your competition. In fact, the more knowledge you have about your target audience and how to utilize internet marketing to reach them, the better equipped you are at obtaining market share over your competitors.

How powerful could your business be if you also had access to all of your competitors' internet marketing knowledge?

Imagine if you were able to sit in your competitors' corporate meeting regarding their advertising strategies; you would hear about which of their strategies have been profitable, as well as which ones were flailing. You would gain insight into all of their research, thus knowing exactly who they were targeting and how they were reaching that target audience. This would be a dream come true all entrepreneurs and business owners!

Obtaining your competitors' online marketing secrets is now a reality.

That dream, sitting in on your competitions' advertising meetings, has now become a reality through ZamDoo.com. You can effectively monitor all of your competitions' internet marketing activities, essentially giving you access to their Google AdWords or Overture accounts.

With ZamDoo, you know exactly what keywords your competitors are using, as well as the corresponding ad copy for each keyword. More importantly, ZamDoo shows you which keywords and ads are the most successful for your competitors and what times they are running their ads. Therefore, this powerful research tool essentially provides you all of your competitors' PPC marketing secrets.

Increase your own knowledge about the PPC campaigns you are running.

The backbone of a successful PPC marketing campaign is conducting in-depth research to find the best keywords, along with the prosperous combinations of ad copy and landing pages. ZamDoo provides you with an ability to increase the IQ you have of your PPC campaign through in-depth, automated research. With ZamDoo, you can track a tremendous amount of data and research:

 Examine all of the ads, including your competitors' copy, for all your keywords in Google, Yahoo, MSN, and over 60 affiliate brokers and companies.

 Observe the pattern and behaviors of your competitors' ads, including the times they appear, the days of the week they advertise, and the specific positions they pick at different times.

 Have access to all of split-testing information between your competitors' keywords and copy.

 Monitor all of your own keywords and ad copy to find the highest ROI combination.

 Find niche keywords that have little to no competition.

 Test out your keywords before spending money.

When you have the combination of your own knowledge, in combination with the intimate details of what your competition is doing, your power in internet marketing increases exponentially, and you will easily remain comfortably ahead of your competition in the business race. Further, keeping ahead in the race to win is also vitally important, and something tools like ZamDoo are well placed to assist with.
About the Author
Dave McDuff is the co-founder of the ultimate PPC ad research tool on the market - ZamDoo! With ZamDoo (http://www.zamdoo.com), internet marketers can research the PPC ad space on Google, MSN & Yahoo, and discover which ad text, positions, keywords and time of ad placement are the most successful. Having this information before starting a campaign means marketers can enter a new market (or refine existing campaigns) with rich data on their competitors.
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