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The Top 8 Time Management Tips for Home Business Success

Dec 26, 2007
So you are looking to start your own unique home business? Maybe you want to sell your own product or join an existing network marketing company. Either way, one thing is going to stand in your way between success and failure. I'm talking about time management and if you are able to use your time effectively you have a much better chance of reaching goals and making those home business profits everyone is looking for.

So how does one manage their time effectively when it comes to running the day to day operations of a home business? Over the next few minutes I'm going to share with you the top 8 strategies, tips, and techniques that are universal for all home business owners.

#1 - Plan Your Workday In Advance: Have you ever heard the saying, "Fail to plan, Plan to fail?" Nowhere is this more apparent than in business, especially in small operations where only one person is taking care of all the daily tasks. Before you go to bed, jot down a list of things that you want and need to get done the next day from most important to least important. By planning your day in advance you will be able to wake up with a plan already in place and avoid wasting time or missing important deadlines.

#2 - Turn Wasted Time in to Business Time: We all have those instances where we are stuck in a waiting room, sitting in traffic, or tied up with something else with absolutely nothing to do. Why not keep a tape recorder or note pad with you just for these situations. This way you can start working on new ideas during times that regularly would be very unproductive.

#3 - Break Away & Clear Your Mind: It's a proven fact that the longer you stay in one place it's easier for fatigue and complacency to set in. When you plan your schedule the night before, make sure you schedule a few small breaks throughout the day where you can recharge your battery. Make sure that you take the breaks away from your desk and you might even want to do something to get the blood flowing rather than just laying down on the couch for a bit. You will find that you are able to return to the task at hand with a clear mind which will help you refocus in on the task at hand.

#4 - Minimize the Small Time Wasters: There are different things that waste small amounts of time throughout your day and you probably don't even think about them. If you are using dial-up internet, waiting for others in your house to get off the phone to make phone calls, or forced to leave your office to fax and print documents you are costing yourself valuable time. Of course it's not a lot of time, but added up throughout the day and it could be more than you expected. Remember, that high speed internet, a dedicated phone line, fax machine, and printer may cost a little bit of money but will make up for it with time saved in the long run.

#5 - Keep Your Focus: Working out of your home requires more self control than working out of an office. It's so easy to get bogged down with house chores during work time and this can seriously keep your from making advancements in your business. Besides house chores, all the conveniences of home our just a few footsteps away and you must use restraint not to check the score in the ballgame or find out what's going on in the news. When it's time to work, stay focused on your work.

#6 - Pick Good Stopping Points: Whether you are on your way to lunch, a scheduled break, or calling it a day you want to pick good stopping points that will make it easy to pick back up when your reconvene. If you stop while you are in the middle of a task instead of when it's finished you will actually waste more time when you get back because you will have to go over your previous work. So finish reading that chapter, writing that advertisement, or making those callbacks before you break to grab a treat from the fridge.

#7 - Clean Your Act Up: While you don't need to vacuum and dust your office everyday it is important that you keep your desk clean and your papers filled before you call it a day. A clean workspace will not only make it easier to find things but it will also help keep you from getting overwhelmed or frustrated. Throw away everything you don't need and shred junk mail and other miscellaneous papers from piling up and causing distractions.

#8 - Game Plan with Your Family: Hold a meeting with your family that everybody can give input on. Explain to them that you need time when you can't be disturbed and work out an understanding with them on when this "off limits" time will be and why you need it. By holding a meeting your family will be more opt to respect your request because they will understand why you are doing what you're doing.

In closing, effective time management is one unique aspect of your home business that you have complete control over. By utilizing these time management tips you will be able to make valuable advances in a shorter amount of time. Besides these techniques be aware of other time wasters as they occur and then come up with solutions to eliminate them in the future.
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