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Why Oprah Came To Town And Cried

Dec 26, 2007
We multi-level marketing people are an idealistic lot. We truly believe our mlm oppurtunity is for everyone. We live and breathe sharing it to help others find health, wealth, peace, and freedom. And in doing that, there's a good chance that we can find it for ourselves also. We truly mean well.

But you probably want to know why Oprah came to town and cried. It was because one mlmer had a dream. He dreamed that everyone was suddenly saying yes to his mlm opportunity.

Gone were the agonizing days of being told no day after day after day. Yes this was different. Everyone listened and everyone signed up.

He approached one hundred and fifty neighbors per month. His 1st month's check was over $5000.00, his 2nd month's check was over $12,000.00, and his 3rd month's check was over $23000.00. What happened next was unexpected. A sort of viral word of mouth had taken place. Hearing of his mlm success and how the wellness products were benefiting the people, everyone wanted to know how they could duplicate what he did.

Because of the viral word of mouth there was no need anymore for a presentation or party plan. He told them to emphasize the under $30.00 start-up fee, and to tell the people to just switch at least $50.00 from where they shop now to the mlm company. He gave them an example of naturally based products like shampoos, conditioners, laundry detergent, and vitamins. The mlmer also reminded them to tell the people "just say yes, just say yes." This was a chant he created for the people.

Like all good dreams, everyone said yes. Now hundreds of people were experiencing the same income as the mlmer. Thousands more were seeing amazing amounts each month. He was now approached with handshakes and embraces. " Thank you! thank you!" was the community's chant to him. Everywhere he went the people clamored to shake his hand. He now had the distinction of being an mlm consultant. Gone were the days when he was a solicitor.

Miraculously, the community was now tranformed. It was as if a veil of worry about their health and incomes had been lifted. Minimum wage earners, seniors on a fixed income, and single moms were now earning more than they ever thought possible. With the help of the wellness products, they looked and acted younger. They smiled more, greeted each other more, and seemed to stop and enjoy life more.

Since prescription drugs were not being purchased, prices were coming down. With everyone less stressed even the local hospital's ER had less traffic. The local stores, feeling the pinch of products staying on the shelves were now lobbying the manufacturers for healthier and better quality products.

The community had no time for dismal economic news. Their incomes were not tied to the economy. They could survive in a good or bad economy. With their new-found zest for life and extra leisure they began to ponder world problems like global warming, war, and poverty.

And this is when Oprah called. She came to their town and heard how they no longer had crime in their community. Theft and burglary were not needed anymore since everyone was making so much money. They told her how the dividing lines of color were gone. Everyone had it just as good as the next person. They introduced the mlm consultant to Oprah. They told Oprah that if it hadn't been for him teaching them to "just say yes" all of this couldn't be possible. Tears streaming down her face, she congratulated him on his mlm success. She thanked him for so much positive change in the community. She also thanked him for helping to bring the world's other problems to light.

The mlm consultant awoke with a smile on his face. He noticed the internet blinking, almost winking at him. An idea came to him. He'd heard it said that in the time you speak to one person in the real world you can speak to one thousand on the World Wide Web.
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