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Squeeze Page Mastery - Easily Convert 9 Of 10 Visitors

Dec 26, 2007
Squeeze pages, are simply a way for interested visitors to express interest in receiving additional information. You see squeeze pages many places on and off. Many industries use a variation of the squeeze page technique very effectively. Many off line squeeze pages are simply known as Business Reply Cards. These business reply cards are postage prepaid cards expressing your interest in receiving more information. Auto dealerships use a variant squeeze; such as, the "Your Key Could Be the Winner - Come in and Try to Start this Brand New Car!" You simply express new car interest by traveling into the showroom to see if you have the winning key.

As a general rule, the purpose of squeeze pages is to exchange your valuable information for visitors' email address. I'm sure you've seen some big player websites that are very cleverly desguised squeeze pages. Have you looked under the cola bottle cap and read, "Find Out If You're A Winner - Go to our website and enter this number?" Oh, and by the way; you must also enter your email address. Or "Complete this survey for your chance to win $1000". You must also enter your email address to be notified promptly after contest conclusion - if you're a winner. Let's take a closer look at these websites.

When examining high converting squeeze pages, you find several common traits. First, there are no navigation links, visitors cannot click away from the squeeze page. They must leave all together meaning they are uninterested in your information or sign up meaning they are interested in additional information. Second, keep your squeeze pages short. Be mindful of what you're telling prospects. Tell them too much and there's no need for them to sign up. Tell them too little and they won't trade their email address for your information. Email Capture page or squeeze page optimization is a very careful balance between giving too much and too little information. Generally, the best squeeze pages are those placed totally above-the-fold.

Squeeze Page Troubleshooting

Many people ask me, "Why is my squeeze page not converting?"
Here a few of the common problems and thier solutions:

Problem: No one signs up at your squeeze page...

Are you sure a market exists for your product? Market research is the only fix for this.

Is your giveaway item appropriate for your audience?
As others in your niche, visit forums and pose the question. If your giveaway is not specific to your audience, do a quick google search for private label and your niche.

Does your giveaway item have enough "value" to potential subscribers?
Try adding additional value-added products in the same niche as bonuses.

Is the traffic targeted?
Is your squeeze page targeted to your audience?
In other words, if your target is bonsai growers, is your squeeze page worded to bonsai growers or internet marketers? One fix is editing your squeeze page towards the lingo or language of your intended market.

Does your squeeze page give too much information?
Do you reveal your secret so visitors don't have to sign up to find out? I've found my best squeeze pages have no more than 100 words and all above-the-fold.
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When Charles H. Smith designs a squeeze page, expect 50% to 90% conversion rate. I'll continue showing you the methods working for me ... "Squeeze Page Mastery - Easily Convert 9 of 10 Visitors".

"Squeeze Page Mastery".
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